What are the steps to creating a finished animated video?

Hello all,

I just installed Blender and I have taken a look at some of the tutorials, but I am unsure of where to begin. I want to be able to create animated video files. So to start the process, do I need to create a module first and finish it and then animate it or do I model and animated at the same time? I am a newbie so I am still very new to 3d animation altogether. If there is a tutorial on this process, can someone point me in the right direction?


Generaly, the process is model>rig>animate>render, although you can make changes in modelling and animation at any point along the way. Just remember that once you rig and animate a character, it will be very difficult to make changes to that rig.

Please dont take offense, but sounds like if you ask how to race the RAC Rally right before your first driving lesson. But this is not bad, actually, it shows purpose.

My advice (although I’m still in the noob process) is: do a good number of tutorials: there are excellent ones on the net. Repeat the examples in the documentation, to get the ‘idea’ and the ‘grammar’ of blender.

Then, when you sense you begin to grasp it, focus on your goal. Search for tutes of your specific interest and get to know them inside out. Experiment. Change settings. Learn. Give thanks to all the good souls who took the extra work of writing tutorials. By the way, thanks Spin for the cola can one.

(And check regularly the forum. Its a gigantic vault of info. Use the search utility)

A rant, really. But I just wanted to say thanks to all

do gus the gingerbreadman in the blender manual

you should actually do the gus tutorial a few times. repeating a tutorial makes it second nature. then just read over several of the rigging tutorials for not only blender but other 3d software, mainly because there are only a few tutorials on blender rigging and some of the ones that we do have have holes in the process.

begin here

bookmark this page it will come in handy

i agree gus is educational and maybe add the sequence part of the manual