What are typical cpu/motherboard temperatures when doing long CPU renders

I was just curious to see what temperatures would be considered “normal or expected” when doing long CPU renders. Currently both my CPU and motherboard temperatures seems to be running around 65 c when rendering on CPU with a large scene (approx 10 million verts). This was based after rendering for about an hour.

I have an I 7 with just stock factory fan cooling.

Hi, I have about 70° C during rendering with my workstation system, see signature, with stock cooling but big tower with 3 fans.
BIOS setting is 85° C to shutdown system, sometimes reached on my crappy laptop during hot sommer days. :smiley:

Cheers, mib

65°C under load for an i7 is in no way unreasonable let alone untypically high imho. Even better if that’s on stock cooling alone…:wink:

Oh, btw: What software do you use to monitor your temps? Different apps can differ in their results, with some typically being on the high and some being on the low side.

What software do you use to monitor your temps

I have been using Speccy

@mib glad to hear I’m about where I should be. I’m not sure what my bios is set up for, I should probably check.

I’ve been checking my temps much more than ever before… here is why… Maybe this will be a reminder to everyone to break into that box you use so much, and make sure you clean it out… Here is what mine looked like. Luckily I was able to remove the fan without breaking the cooler… needless to say I was shocked when I took that fan off.

Looks to be full of sawdust. Been sanding those floors? :slight_smile:

Nope… just probably 6 months worth of dust in the box, but during that time I was rendering many overnight animations. The white balance on the 2nd picture may have been messed up, that’s why it looks more like sawdust.

But what was actually behind the fan is an accumulation of about 3 years worth of dust.

I was concerned about the temps during “all night” renders also so in my latest box I went with liquid cooling…easy to clean the radiator with no need to muck with the CPU at all…no wondering if the thermal paste got screwed up…all night specs…i5 3.3Gz CPU 100% 48 degrees…OC to 4.2Gz 59 degrees…although 65 is not too hot…cooler tends to live longer…
…bet/hope you cleaned your house in the last 3 years…

Yea, 48c seems really great… mine runs about 42-45 with no load. I really do keep the area clean where this computer is, but like I said, I never pulled that fan for 3 years. I was doing nightly CPU renders for close to 3 months for my most recent short film “final inspection” (link in my signature). That definitely took a toll.

But I’m definitely going to make a point to break into my box at least once a month from now on.

lol I’ve had my cpu upto 85 c when doing sims or volumetric’s (speedfan)
put a corsair liquid cooler on now temps are down to 30 c now (speedfan or less on core temp, no idea why there dif)
but the biggest dif for me is NOISE gone from I cant hear myself think to hear a pin drop

would recommend water cooling if you can shoehorn it into the budget