What are we coming to?

Hey. This is my first off topic thread so hooray for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. Time for a more serious question. I am looking for a very serious answer from the perspective of everyone no matter your race, religion, residence, or anything else. The question is as follows: What is the world coming to?

I have been sitting on the couch watching the US presidential debates at Half Past Ten for the past hour and a half. I have watched the (Dare I say it) Could-be presidents. I am looking at the many “promises” of the many Could-Bes and shaking in my boots.

Q&A’s such as, “If we do find Osama Bin Laden, what are we going to do?” Answers are like (These are not quotes but basic summaries by my perspective): We will do anything in our power to do even if that means starting WWIII.

What are the views of everyone on this thing? How can this presidential election make or break the rest of the world? (Lol sorry if I’m being a bit dramatic, but it is a question that needs to be viewed and answered with “all things considered.”)

Please take a look at the Caturday thread by Valarking.

That is my serious answer to your serious question.

As long as we have Nationalists, Racists, and Religions we will never live in peace.

I am starting to hope that the earth gets hit by a giant asteroid, so everyone has to pull together to survive.

When I did Disaster relief in Kauai, after Hurricane Iniki I noticed something very cool.
Everyone, rich or poor, had to help one and other to survive .
No matter what religion, or race you where , you where treated with a bit of respect in the tent citys we had to live in. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! All of the rich people that lived there pitched in and brought in generators and nice new tents for the tent citys. Crosby, Stills, and Nash , along with Willy K, and a few others held a great concert.

After “Civilization” was re-built the social status system came back into effect… Anyone who lived in a tent was charged $400.00 for a camping permit.

Owch, that hurts. Ya, Lets get hit by an asteroid, it’ll work!

A most interesting perspective

Mmph! Stop blaming religion for being the bane of society, at least Christianity, Jesus never talked violence, only love.

What are we coming to, me threatening to support a breakup of the U.S. if Huckabee doesn’t make it in the White House (though I may decide to tolerate Obama).

Not to derail this thread but the US needs a good candidate in the White House after Bush if our country is to survive.

An excellent point!

If only everyone that pretend to follow his teachings did the same.


Yea yea yea, If we where all the same religion we would get along.
Read this:

they cant even get along with themselves…
all religions do totally absurd things like this!

People need to stop, and say,wow! perhaps we can all get along!

I know one group that needs to read the entire New Testement again the right way, the Westboro Baptist Church.:slight_smile:

Jesus gives us the true meaning and teachings of Christianity, so don’t look at Westboro if you want to know more about Christianity.

It’s not so much the religious fluff and preachy principles that’s important. That we should get rid of.

The important part is this: “wouldn’t it be great to be nice to people for a change”, which, regardless of who said it, is a pretty neat idea indeed.


I like the Old testament…

God gives Moses the 10 Commandments, he came down off the mountain with his followers, and comes across a group of relatives and family members worshiping a golden cow…

The Thou shall not kill comandment all the sudden goes down the toilet, and they murder their fellow countrymen because they had a different religion.

The hypocrisy dose not stop there… you guys should read the rest for yourselves.

The killing bears are even better.

And the non stupidly old english version:

Nothing can beat killer bears!


Look at it this way:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you could get the HONEST OPINION of every person on the planet about a topic of debate, I bet that it would be a 50/50 tie between the two sides.

Those people who don’t care probably do have a preference, but they wouldn’t mind the other way either. They’re preference would count as an opinion.

And do you know what this means? It means that there will ALWAYS be war, no matter what.

If a meteor hit, then someone will blame it on someone for not succeeding in some sort of way to deflect it or whatever. And then the wars will hit AGAIN.

Sorry, but I still stick to my earlier answer: READ THE CATURDAY THREAD!!!

There is no war in the Caturday thread. There is only humor.

Sure, someone will post “This is crap,” or something similar, but you can ignore those people. They’re the equal and opposite reaction.


Religion does not bring peace. If anything it has caused more death from war and hate than anything.

What will bring about peace is to leave everyone alone! Iraq is a holy war. Not to the USA, but to the people who live there. What would drive someone to strap a bomb to their chest, walk into a market and push the button? Not oil or George Bush. You can’t beat someone who will give his life not for his country, but for his god. Find me a Christian in the modern world who would do that. They tried it in the Crusades and failed. Millions of people died for a holy war. A war that in some minds never ended. We need to leave everyone alone and worry about our own children. I am proud to be an American and I wish we could be selfish and help ourselves and let the world fend for itself. War is not a solution, its a problem. Now thousands of people are dead who would have been alive if USA would have minded its own business. Children, women, families would have been under evil rule, but they would be alive today. I promise no president now or the ones running look at that fact before saying one stupid comment about the war. My heart goes out to all the people in iraq who lost loved ones because of the USA. Forget the oil, and forget WMD. 9/11 was bad but its over. Let the people of the world have their peace!!!

Sorry if I rambled hehe.

If you could get the HONEST OPINION of every person on the planet about a topic of debate, I bet that it would be a 50/50 tie between the two sides.
indeed one half will always want to throw the other half into the ovens.
Humans suck in general.

No, one half will disagree.

A portion of that half will want throw the other half into the ovens. A SMALL portion.

If humans suck, then I’m not surprised that you don’t believe you’re a dragon. Generally people who believe that Humans suck are like that.

A portion of that half will want throw the other half into the ovens. A SMALL portion.

Yea they keep the other half for the stew :smiley:

If only one decent political thread could go beyond one page without sparking a religious flame war… >sigh<

I didn’t get a chance to watch the debates, but i’ll watch them on youtube or something later on. I pretty much know how this debate went tho: Everyone saying a lot of nothing, with the exception of Ron Paul. Then everyone attack Ron Paul because he said something. It’s hilarious to me that more people aren’t pissed off that the other candidates won’t answer a question. I also find it funny that the other candidates don’t seem to take him seriously, when he’s the only one on stage who seems to know what the hell he’s doing. The rest of them don’t want to say anything definitively, because if they did that they’d be lying. They’re not going to do any of the things they make it sound like they’ll do, like lower taxes or… well lower taxes (that’s about all i can get from them).

Lower taxes and keep killing people in Iraq (and maybe kill some more people in Iran as well). That’s their plan. They can’t lower taxes, tho, if they plan on going forward to blow up more stuff. They’ll raise them. Ron Paul is - in all seriousness - the only hope this country has at preventing social and economic catastrophe in this country, let alone other parts of the world. I really don’t think I’m exaggerating, here.

The US needs someone good TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. :spin:

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to run for president.