What are you currently reading?

I didn’t see a post anywhere on the first page for this or when I searched, so I figured I would start a thread of my own!

What book are you currently reading? Or what was the most recent book that you have read? I myself have just started reading a book called Drylor The First Artifact. It is an Action/Fantasy book created by Ryan Tomasella. So far it is actually damn good, it is a story about a man that suffers amnesia and struggles to regain his memory. As his memory starts to come back to him he realizes that his brother is an evil S.o.b and he makes it his mission to stop him.

It seems like a fairly generic story line but the author makes it his own. There are tons of twists and turns in the story (mainly when the main character thinks he remembers something from his past he realizes that it was only an illusion that his brother wanted him to think was true.) I must say I am really impressed with this book, then again I read almost anything that involved sword and sorcery.

Below is the cover of the book and what the back of the book reads.


When a man wakes up inside a cage that is being carried through an underground city, he has no idea where he is or what has happened to him. As Von, a victim of amnesia, is taken to a jail cell to await his fate amongst elves, humans, dwarfs, gnomes, and halflings, he is told he is a member of the Royal Guard of Genisus. It is not long before he is transported to the palace where he meets an impatient king who eventually returns him to his jail cell while deciding his destiny.

As Von’s memory slowly returns, he discovers that he is the only one who can protect Drylor—a world that abandoned him—from its greatest evil, his own brother. Through his journey to the truth, Von meets an unlikely group of friends who are willing to sacrifice everything to help him stop his brother Scarlet from annihilating the only world they have ever known.

As Von’s past becomes clear and reveals his future, he soon realizes the only way he can end his brother’s heartlessmassacres is to find him and kill him.

The book is for sale through all major online retailers, so you can buy a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or any other book retailers. If you’re too lazy to look it up then here is a link to the barnes and nobles website where you can place an order:

Hmmm. Reminds me of a sci-fi book I was reading a while ago, before I got really busy with school… It is The Currents of Space by Isaac Asimov, from the Galactic Empire series (cheezy, yeah, but these books are pretty old). Hopefully i’ll get back to it when school ends.

Anyway, this book has a guy who analyzes empty space :confused:, whose memory gets erased with a psychic probe. He winds up on a random planet and is seen as mentally challenged, so he gets confined into an asylum. As he gets his memory back little by little, he claims to know that the planet he is on will be destroyed :eek:. Some reject his prophecy as absurd, but the doctors begin to ponder who this man may be, where he came from, how much he knows, etc. That’s as far as I’ve gotten…

IMO it is very good writing, especially in terms of scientific detail, and for the time it was written. Slightly complicated and/or dry at times, but… Depending on how much of a classic sci-fi fan you are, you may enjoy it :evilgrin:

I am reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I just watched the movie two days ago, and realized I had forgoten most of it, so I decided to read it again.

I stopped reading for awhile. My reading got all messed up as I began “zapping” through lots of ebooks in my smartphone. Bringing a library always with you is not quite as clever as it may sound first time… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m reading a biography of Will Eisner. When I finish that I’m planning to read Galatea 2.2 by Richard Powers.

This thread :d.

Jane Eyre.

Nope, I’m not kidding. Great book, especially in the Penguin Classics edition which contains a lot of explanatory material and footnotes. And now I am busy with Wuthering Heights. Sure, the Brontë sisters lived and wrote in Victorian times (and using male pen-names…), but, “damm! What a good story! So that’s what all the fuss was about.” She could take a scene and positively make it come alive right in front of your nose, and, so could her sisters.

And, heh … no professor or teacher is out there makin’ me do this. (I ignored those folks, just as surely as you did.)

(When you’re over and done with, “you’ve gotta be kiddin’ me …” … try it.)

Okay. I’m reading H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine.

Atlas Shrugged

digital lighting and rendering by jeremy birn :smiley:

Phonebook :cool:

Just finished Catcher in the Rye (oddly enough I have no desire to shoot any musicians, but great book anyway), started on The Clockwork Universe but it’s getting too annoying, just got Daydreams and Nightmares from the library, which is a book of Windsor McKay drawings, that @#$% could draw, amazing, and recently purchased Color and Light + Imaginative Realism by James Gurney, also solid books. Oh, plus esquire or Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer/Capricorn, on the sh!tter :stuck_out_tongue: I have a book about watchmaking in transit…

The Artist’s complete guide to factial expression - Gary Faigin

Best book on the topic ever and supercheap.

and what about P-body?

A book by one of my brother’s old teachers. It’s not possible to translate the title entirely but “With the Dwarves of the Nether-Mountains” wouldn’t be too far off.

It’s an adventurous story about a great guy who’s not really engaged in his life. Then one day while on an excursion with his class, he and his crush, get sort of lost and enter the old world.
And beyond those rocky gates… There, there be monsters.

They go on a crazy adventure meeting quite a few people, hell there’s even a C.I.A. agent who also got lost into the old world.

It’s got some pretty good twists and portrays most characters quite well. The interaction between the protagonist and his crush is particularly entertaining.

However what I like most about this story is how it makes me conjure up images of epic scenery and brilliant characters.

World of Wonders by Robertson Davies.