What are you looking at lip sync and animation cookie flex rig

made this with the cookie flex rig there is room for improvement


There’s no audio.

Also, I suggest doing a blocking pass in stepped mode. At the moment everything is way too floaty. Work on timing first before going into splines and tweaking the spacing,
In terms of framing, you’ve cut the top of his head off, and the front on angle is visually unappealing.
In terms of character design, with those big eyes the bridge of the nose has become paper thin. Either reduce the size of the eyes or space them apart a bit more.

I appreciate the advice this was rushed but i wantd to aim at animating the mouth kinda didnt focus on the rest of the rig. Wanted to see if i wud be able to read lips instead of hearing. bt next time ill ensure to spend tim on the rest of the rig. i totallly agree with you on the eyes i felt kinda limited but it was the only way i could have gotten tht look from the character guessed i pushed to the extreme.

video is no longer there imm gonna reanimate it whhen i get the chance