What are your holiday traditions?

Just wondering… Thought this might be fun.

On Christmas Eve, we eat snacks (beef summer sausage, olives, chips and onion dip, crackers, cheese) and then after the dinner, we go in the car and drive around town looking at all the lights. Christmas Day, we open presents, eat more snacks and have dinner. (Eve is turkey and Day is Ham)

Wats yours?

Sit at home…eat…
yeah, thats about it…
wow, my life is lame…

QFT. That’s about all I do on Christmas, too. :slight_smile:

Let us all unite.
Then we can pretend we have lives together :wink:

Or take a look at how fabulous my life is :smiley:

hmm… slightly disturbing answer there… (free’s answer)

Heres a tip for people who have a real pine tree, fill the basin or thing to held the tree with crumpled newspaper, with an indent in the middle to fit the trunk of the tree, then place more newspaper until its snug, follow with a thing of water to water the tree and the papers will become mushy, later hardening around the tree yet keeping it nice and watered!

what do you do charlesworth?

Or take a look at how fabulous my life is

Ah yes, reduced to insulting 13 year old children on a internet forum…
Today on “To Catch A Predator”

My family’s traditions:
Every year we “adopt” a local family in need and buy them gifts (anonymously).
Making homemade candy: caramel turtles, buckeyes, peanut brittle, English toffee.
Sledding down the hill onto the frozen lake (keeping fingers crossed this year - it’s been too warm!).
For my daughter, Father Christmas always leaves an ice cream sundae in the freezer on Christmas morning and she eats it for breakfast. He’s been doing this for 18 years and I’m sure he won’t miss this year either.

Ha, thats great…Feel good material.
Saint Nick was(and is) never that nice to me, he just eats my cookies…

He might bite you, Drew :wink:
What I do depends from year to year… last year me and some friends sneaked out to, well, “consume” lots and lots of gluhwein right behind the shack where they held the Christmas party of the boy scouts. Fun days :smiley:
This year this will be a bit more civilized, though.

har har, what a hoot
You should be a politician

Saint Nick was(and is) never that nice to me, he just eats my cookies…
the fat bastard!
only real “tradition” I have is that I burn things (maybe that’s the reason he never took my cookies )

nice to see your keeping warm Jeepster :wink:
I wish it would snow!