What are your thoughts on AI?

What are your thoughts about artificial intelligence regarding art and artists?

Mine are mostly negative. Image generation is pointless innovation, doesnt solve any real tasks, besides trying to replace humans for replacement’s sake. Really hard to integrate in any existing art pipeline, because it comes with its own specific bugs most of the time, and retouching will negate most speed benefits. Mostly useful for those who cant or do not want to learn to draw, and large companies like Google, who will effectively have monopoly on creativity if it will ever become mainstream.

There are already 3 other threads like this, use one of them:


I have a copy-and-paste list with existing AI threads ready to go, but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

Regardless, yeah, don’t make a new thread to discuss something that’s already being discussed ad nauseum on existing thread. @Ali.Daood If you’re not sure if a thread already exists, you can always search the forums and find out. Especially for Off Topic threads- there’s a really good chance it already exists