What are your Wacom tablet button settings for Blender?

Hello, I have a new tablet and was wondering what you guys find to be the best settings for all the buttons.
To keep things sane I will number them like this:

Itous pen from tip to handle buttons pen tip, 1 and 2 and eraser.
Tablet top left 1, top right 2, bottom left 3 and bottom right 4

Itous Pro same pen.
Tablet from top left down
Round thing. I don’t have a pro so I am not sure how this works but it does have 4 button on it.
and then the last four buttons under the round thing.

Do you change these settings by blender mode Edit vs sculpt for example?

Aso have you tried things like the other pens or the air brush? How are those?
I would recommend a medium tablet but do you have other thoughts?

Thanks all!