What artist or style do like most?

I ask this question for a few reasons…

  1. I’m kind of tired of the usual, and have been putting off project ideas because I just can’t decide what I want them to look like. I poke around for examples and inspiration but I pretty much see just what I’m used to seeing. It’s hard to find the “different” when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

  2. I was doing an online puzzle of a Calvin and Hobbes picture, and it hit me how much I miss that comic. It was my absolute favorite and I couldn’t wait to open the Saturday paper to see the next one in all it’s glorious colour. Even if it wasn’t at all funny, Bill Watterson was just a great illustrator. It made me want to start something in watercolour or inks. It was kind of inspiring.

  3. I presume that in a community dedicated to digital art, everyone here would have some favourite artist or style, but that not everyone is neccessarily aware of that person or style. I thought it might help me, and possibly others, to find something they didn’t know existed.

In addition to the above, the works I most admire are:
Dali - simplistic methods to convery twisted and strange ideas
Ansel Adams - especially his B&W work.

Pointillism, acrylic on hard board.

I love acrylic, but the paint gets pricey… not to mention everywhere,
Anyone concept sketch? I have been giving it a go, but I can’t seem to start…

Top three favorite artists would include:
HR Giger - who’s work I find beautifully hellishly disturbing
Peter Gric - sort or sci-fi/surreal. Beautiful paintings
Leonardo Davinci - gotta love the clasics ^_-)

John Buscema

I definitely need to look more into Peter Gric. A quick google did have some pretty interesting stuff in it.

@BluePrintRandom - I used to use primarily acrylic as well. I thought it was cleaner than oil and cheaper than guache, but it’s not so great for making texture in a piece.

Depends actually. I tend to be diverse in my likings.

1940’s-50’s is an era i like stylistically.

Often, some cartoons i liked for this would be Jimmy Neutron…which implied that style heavily, and My Life As A Teenage Robot…which, as i think of it now, was also heavy on the 50’s style. (Possibly to parodize Astroboy: a 60’s anime cartoon).

Here are some of my faves.

The art director of Ubisoft Montreal

and the sci-fi horror master

A great old school concept artist


A great illustrater

Some really beautiful concept art

and me:D

When it comes to Scifi and Futuristic visualizations…Hands down to Syd Mead. He’s my favourite.

Also search for John Berkey, I love his Space fiction concepts and lighting in the scenes.

And one of my favourite artists of all time is Albert Bierstadt…Love the colour and lighting in his paintings, true gems if you are interested in things like landscape matte painting and also want to good lighting.

At present times, I love the works of Feng Zhu, Jonas De Ro (Gotta love his use of saturated colors), Dylan Cole and several others…

@J.F.Robot: just a precision: Astroboy is a 50’s manga by Tesuka sensei before he directed a TVserie in the 60’s.
My favorites:
MARUO Suehiro

Well then i was off. But then again I’m no anime or Manga fanatic. So i wouldn’t know the precise details.

I forgot about Bierstadt, and I agree. He does some of the most beautiful sunsets.

Frank Miller for his ability to pace a story

Joe Madureira for his mix of American style with Japanese intensity

I’ve always liked Norman Rockwell.

Comics - Vaughn Bode
Publisher - 2000AD
Animation - Hadao Miyazaki
Studio - Ghibli
Classic artist - Hironymous Bosch
Modern artist - Walter Battis
Cartoonist - Norman Catherine