What became of nodal logic?

Anyone knows what happened to nodal logic? :confused: It seemed to be really cool feature.

Well it is a cool feature that could have been implemented, but implementing such a feature was a hard deal, so it didnt made it for getting completed GSOC.

Still it would have been a cool feature when completed.

thats very sad…i was wanting Nodal logic too…the pluses are obvious…you could use an actuator to control certain things, and also have it included with other buttons and such to produce better and cleaner results…would have been a lot to learn though

Do not worry with nodal logic you would need to learn even more ;).

hmm… that’s a sad news :frowning:

I think it’s still supposed to be implemented at some point, though.

As far as I know, the student is still working on it for his Master’s thesis/project. However, I have not heard anything since the student left GSoC.

darn, i am really hoping for it…nodes are some of the easiest things i work with, although im not good at cycles yet, once i understand the nodes ill be pretty good…i like compositing, its one of the funnest parts!

Here’s an email i got:
Hi, Sorry I hadn’t replied earlier, I lost track of the email and had much work.

I don’t know if you saw, but the project was rejected, because of many reasons, but I will continue the work ass part of my thesis.

Currently there are some problems in my country that have kept my university paralized and i’m working on a software project, but when things get back to working I’ll will keep working on the project.

that sounds OK :slight_smile:

That’s good to have some news. Thanks agoose.

nodal logic could be the greatest hit for BGE, too bad now its suspended.

yes it would be amazing, you could use so many nodes in different ways than just having 3 different logic types :stuck_out_tongue: