WHAT BLASPHEMY: Prep school library nixes all the books, says books are bulky

According to the Technovelgy link, they say books are bulky and take up too much space, so they’re replacing thousands of books for tons of students with 18 E-readers and I’m not sure how all the students can then just read at once, nonetheless take a book home.

A lot of people like the tactile feeling of flipping a page or opening a cover and appreciate being able to take a book anywhere.:rolleyes:

This is so alarming! Thanks CD for bringing this to our attention! Have a great day!

yeesh. Schools just don’t seem to get it anymore. I like books. It seems like they don’t even go over these things logically before these plans are accepted.

Although it seems drastic and stupid, it’s not such a bad idea. Well, not as bad as chopping down trees to wipe our arses (my living grandpa had a job in Malaysia of chopping down trees for toothpicks before he became incredibly rich), but it takes a few kilobytes to store a whole lot of text. Getting rid of the books you already have isn’t necessary though…

My mother still has all of my baby books…I’ve kept and cherish every book I’ve owned since then. I have a HUGE library, horrer fiction, sci-fi fiction, fantasy, cosmology, tons of college text books–math, medicine, psychology(I don’t consider that medicine), industrial ergonomics, ugh…yeah, I’m sorry.

I teach my kids how to read. I teach them to like it. They do. Then I tell them to cherish these and their own books as I do, because today they’re a necessity, tomorow they’ll be a mere curiosity…maybe perhaps…an antiquity.

I HATE reading off of a computer screen. Maybe we don’t need to print a million books no-one is going to read, but I really don’t want books to go away.

tell me this: in the sense of energy conservation, is it cheaper on the environment to kill a tree for a book, or to keep a computer going 24/7 so you can walk over and shake a mouse to “pick up your book and start reading”??

The times are changing, what can ya do about it??
Its inevitable. :yes:

ah the whole physical/digital divide, the paperless office, etc. i still think physical books are the way to go. just the fact that they dont need batteries and can be torn up, written over, highlighted, dogeared, thrown around, flipped, bookmarked makes em better than some e-reader.

Maybe it’s a change for the best. But can you love a e reader the way you can love a book? You sometimes grow with it! Every page, every food stain has a special meaning to me. But e reader is well just e reader.

Your fondness for dead trees and animal and chemical extracts are illogical.

Humans value that which they have, the longer they have it, the more value it gets… sigh and even I succomb to the love of books, but if I had a good e-reader I’d be using that.

It’s all about information, the medium isn’t important. And if the medium can’t be used properly (chewed on, for example) it’s not adapted to house the information.

I’m afraid I can’t embrace that point of view. There are so many other things, indulgences, that wear down our planet in a way that makes books look almost innocuous.
And medium to some extent does matter. They make the information a bit special don’t they? Else we end up being materialistic machines. But if e readers are the future then I will change over. There really is no point in refusing change. It’s just that the parting might be a bit difficult. How can it not be?

Schnitzel: Electronic Trash is more problematic than unneeded paper. Of course, you can’t recycle to infinity, but that probably works better for paper than for electronic stuff.
Not that it’s fine to destroy rainforests for toothpicks (never use them), but anyway, the other side isn’t too nice either. Despite the fact that less and less material is needed for Electronics, many of those still needed elements are actually quite dangerous.

I LOVE books and wonder how people could even think of getting them e-books to fully replace books. Coexisting is fine, though. “Best of both worlds” :slight_smile:

But if books go electronic, what will crazy people burn when the next Harry Potter comes out? :confused:

Reading some of these replies, something occurred to me. Why is it that there’s no viable, , synthetic, eco-friendly wood and paper substitute? I mean, that couldn’t be that hard, could it?

wood is pretty much a masterpiece of nature, so it’s not all that easy…
Though, it would be possible to use vellum from animals’ skin or even the old fashioned “original” paper made in Ancient China from rags…

Lol so instead of cutting down trees we slaughter millions of animals? :yes:
Maybe those animals killed in abattoirs could somehow have their skins used? It would reduce waste.

But anyways, ontopic, I dont see books suddenly disapering anytime in our lifetimes. Kram1032 has the best idea anyway, coexistence. They both have their benefits and downfalls. And either way no ones asking anyone to suddenly throw away their books and give up on them forever. :spin:

trying to read anything on the computer for too long hurts my eyes!!!

I imagine a hybrid in the future, a “book” similar to a small, thin laptop, or notebook. Each student owns one. When their class schedule is finalized, their “textbooks” are downloaded onto their personal hybrid books.

In this way, you can carry your books with you anywhere, open to any page of any book you own, at any time. This might be an acceptable comprimise to me…that way I can still spill my coffee on it if I choose to.:slight_smile:

I don’t know who you’re saying this to but by no means am I a proponent of logging the beautiful forests here to oblivion, I even find it a bum deal if we have a tree die in our backyard. I think by now there’s enough old books and other pieces of paper that have been torn up that the pages and covers can be recycled and made into new books, thus saving a large number of trees, and if not then for every tree cut down one should be planted.

As for animal products, I don’t like the idea of cultures cooking and eating some animals like dogs, cats, and especially reptiles. Those that want a reason for me keeping distance from reptile skin purses and people having them for lunch, well, that’s not for this thread.

Nowadays I only get paper books then they’re not available digitally. Audio books are good too, just stick them on your mp3 player and off you go.

I’ve had a large plate of crocodile ribs (when in South Africa) and they were tasty. :wink:

The why’d you bring it up, silly. :wink: