What Blender could become.

Could you guys imagine if blender became the new industry standard for CG? What if it completely dominated 3dmax, maya, etc…

I think that the blender community should really support the blender foundation because without blender right now it seems like I would be missing out on something I always wanted to do. Make 3D computer graphics, and not have to find a way to earn $3000+ on a $0 a year income(I’m a teenager).

So yeah, lets all buy blender shirts or something. We should do some promotion stuff around the web…i dunno

Well that was my random thought of the night.

Q. what Blender could become?

A. a toaster?

Can’t we make a forum rule against threads like these? We’ve had hundreds, at least.

It doesn’t matter if Blender ‘dominates’ X-app. Blender is already fine. If you like it, great, if you don’t, no biggie.


Now that’s gonna use some processing power just for the motion data.


oh, I wasn’t aware that we cant speak about a topic more than once…

any way rewind81 I agree, I would love it if blender became a real threat so that the other guys were forced to up their game, to try and keep up, a little competition is always a good thing, because it forces innovation… and of course I love it when opensource does well !! what we need is for people to make it big in the entertainment industry using blender as their source, and then put some of their earnings back into the product

Um actually i think we all are jerks and should be selfish and just use this blender program till it all falls apart aaah no, i agree actually what we use is what we should help show others !!!I think blender is #1 free animation never hurt me …
you all have bugs and break downs i never have lol always a good result only time i have had a problem is being blank and having no imagination at times also we should show what we can do with blender to show others what they could do to advance blender in the coming years…who knows …its who you know not what you know.