What book or book series would you love to see as animated movies, and why?

The title pretty much says it. If you could get a Pixar/Dreamworks/Blur/etc. team to do ahigh quality animated movie of a book, or movies of a connected series, which would you pick, and why would you pick precisely that/those?

For me, it would be the Dirk Gently books, by Douglas Adams. The live TV show was adorable, but I wannt to see someone try to visualize the utterly bizarre stories in those books!

I would like to see a movie based on “A Mirror Above The Abyss” by Oleg Lurye. It would be interesting to see a movie about real and fictional events from our recent history, such as Kennedy’s assassination and 9/11. You can learn more about the novel here, if you’re interested: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B094NMRWPJ

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I would love to see animated my favorite french movie - “Amelie”. Yesterday rewatched it again, it is one of the best movies ever! Very proud of myself that i finally installed CatMouse apk on my firestick and can enjoy great old movies)))