What bordom does to one part 2!!!

Thats right another model I probably wont finish and it toon styled ^^ (its additive becuase you don’t need to waste time uvampping ^^)

::sutabi hides his anime model::


Hmm… after I finish my anime tut i’ll probaly make one about “How not to finish a model :slight_smile: since I a fairly good at that”

I did the bottom part of mouth, still need to add a toung, the things on the side make me wonder if thei should be there… should they, what do you think?


Byw I know the mouth is really bad heh

the texture is horrible :slight_smile:


I gotta agree with Basse, what comes to your textures, but the first pic looks far more better than the latter… But otherwise it’s great model.

And what comes to unfinsihed projects… well you should see my loads of unfinished, IwillfinsihthemsomedayifIhaveAnInspiration, works. :smiley:

It is nice to see that you work again… is that a pokemon?
The first pic look nice, but the second… you have right, the mouth is bad and also the texturing (or wait…, the lighting make this bad white shinig in the upper part of the head…?). Anyway you should change the mouth, or not but then looks similar like a chine dragon mask (but if you that want (a mask) you should turn off the subsurfs and make the head shorter… and create a longe body like a snake)

ps.: you make realy the anim tut…?

Fobos its not pokemon lol!!! I am using no reference though I am needing it not because the mouth is really bad… anyways I added actrally texture and killed the toon style for now also took the ear thingy off…

p.s. I am really doing an anime tut, just taking a long ass time cause i am making it for newbies to blender as well

Looking funky… 8)

Reminds me of those rendered Kremlins Rareware used in their Donkey Kong games for the old SNes… %|

OOOOOO ,aaahhhhhhh!I like… really cool, keep it up! could use some textures… again…

Sutabi GG nice renders, Oo how are you geting that toonshade?
owsome texturing dude :stuck_out_tongue: