What Brand of Computer do you use for 3d modeling/effects/rendering etc.?

I’m curious about the most popular computer brands used in the 3d industry. So I’m asking here about the types of computers individuals use for 3d work, as well as any information on the most used brands in VFX/Animation/Modeling etc., companies.

Custom build for me.

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we build our own. specs of parts and build quality mean more than brand.

psu is good example, while brands seasonic and super flower are known leaders, they also allow their designs to be used by others. evga has some super flower designs.

mobos should have a good power stage/vrms to keep stable at full load for long renders.

case should fit components and optimize airflow.

welcome to the big leagues friend

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My pc setup is an inspiron 3650, 64 bit operating system, 4 i5 6400 intel processors, 16GB ram, 4GB 1050 Ti, according to the blender system requirements I am in the recommended.

You can check the system requirements here:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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