What browser do you use?

Well with the somewhat recent release of google chrome I thought it might be fitting to make a post about what all of your favorite browsers are. I haven’t actually tried chrome yet but I think it might have taken it’s place at the top of some peoples prefered browser lists. I personally prefer lynx actually (recently got fed up with firefox sucking :P). Hope this isn’t a double thread, I didn’t really see any other similiar one when I searched. Also, has anybody else noticed that blenderartists sucks on lynx? I don’t fnd it very lynx friendly :S.

Firefox, Opera, and Lynx are good. Firefox is a bit slow to start up though. :frowning:

funny that’s why I got p/o at firefox :). Kept restarting my computer or firefox, and it’s like…no not going to work. It eats my ram too heh :P. Lynx is superior in every way imo ;).

Firefox and Opera.
True FF is slow to start, but it only has to start once or twice a day. I leave it on somewhere in the background anyway.
I don’t know Lynx.
I sometimes use Safari (for testing purposes) and I think I won’t use Chrome.

Heh, lynx is quite interesting with blenderartists, the quick reply is so weird haha. I find that leaving firefox in the background takes up way too much resources for what it is.

Internet Explorer is still WAY slower than Firefox :wink:
I use Firefox 3 by the way… Yeah, it’s pretty slow, especially when I’m rendering.

B3D00 true, and it’s way more secure. I use firefox as well, but it’s recently annoyed me more so than previously, so I’m now trying to use lynx instead of firefox

I use Firefox3 mainly. The reason i use ff is because you can get a variety of addons and such.

yeah that’s ture too I suppose, firefox does have a large community and gets all the add-ons, but they just make it bloatier ):. Expanding the thread now a bit :), what homepages do you guys have? heh, I have http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/ as my home page :P. Also I’m a bit curious what search engine everybody uses, I love google, but cuil is pretty cool (haha) too.

Chrome is definitely the best. Though Safari’s not bad either. I prefer browsers with a clean interface.

And you probably guessed my favorite search engine: Google. I mean seriously, there is no rival. it’s also my home page :D.

I’ve grown loyal to it:)

lol my homepage is Google!!:eyebrowlift: It loads faster and in most cases ive capped my ISP’s:eek: broadband limit so loading google as a homepage makes more sense. Anyways yeah FF gets bloated if you use too many addons. I only use piclens, Macafee site adviser,wot,no-script and flagfox.
Oh and i still gotta try Chrome… I tend to wait awhile until they patch things up because it only just came it rite!:eyebrowlift:

I have Firefox, Opera and Safari on my computer, and mostly use Firefox.
I like it because of the add-ons / customization (I have over 20 add-ons)
It does slow everything down a bit, but it’s not too bad :slight_smile:

When I open a new tab/window it shows ‘Fast Dial’ (add-on that does the same as Operas ‘Speed Dial’)

Google is pretty much the only search engine I use, but I might start using Cuil as it looks really cool :slight_smile:

Chirpsalot, love your homepage :stuck_out_tongue: reminds me of Is it Christmas? :smiley:

EDIT: If you’re a Firefox user the add-ons that I think are the best / most useful are…

-Linkification (automatically makes a clickable link out of all written URLs on the page eg. www.google.com would become a link to google)
-Ad Block Plus (Blocks ads and pop-ups)
-Fast Dial (Like Operas ‘Speed Dial’)
-Tab Scope (gives a preview of the page when you hover over the tab)
-Fire Gestures (allows you to use mouse gestures like in Opera)

haha “is it christmas?” NO!, haha lol. Anyways, for some reason i have a major grudge with safari…dono y though!

Firefox slow to start? Never heard that 1. Been using it for awhile on a crappy computer and it blazes. (unlike IE)

FireFox for its customizations and add-ons. And when I start it up it loads up two homepages at once, one at Google and one at Yahoo.

IE 6.0 On Windows XP with SP2. Only the flash plugin installed.

Firefox is slower to load on Windows. But it has a lot of developer features like CSS outline, more robust error reoprting and colorized view source.

I use firefox… it opens in about 1 second… is that considered slow these days?

my homepage is set to my website, but firefox defaults to my last session, tabs and all which is very handy.

FireFox opens in about 2 seconds(5 if save and quit to reload my tabs) I have 1GB RAM.

I’m using Chrome, and it starts in about 0.2 seconds.

Mine is smaller, yay! :ba: