What came of these projects? Blender game development book


I was reading chapter 3 of the book, brick programming, and the graphics chapter, 5.

For anyone not knowing what I’m on about, this book published in 2013 for version 2.66.

I read chapter 10, not much of it, but I noticed there are examples games or demos that chapter listed as work in progress at the time of the writing of that book four years back.

The following, what happened to them?

‘Super blender Galaxy’, ‘Lucy and the Time Machine’, The PS project, whip frog, Tectonic, Sintel the game,

Well sintel isn’t around anymore according to the link, some files available via github.

There are links, I guess they call went the way of the road.

I had released myself a small basic shooting game the Mini game based off the film Lost in space. I didn’t know what to do with it as a phase 2 of my cancelled Phase 1. Thanks to Lost science who did the brick programming for me.

And yes creating a game is a complex process, I don’t deny that. But these games were made years ago or the process of doing so, that was why I typed here. My use of the game engine is only the past two and a half months. I have completely struggle to try and learn the bricks with the lack of any good source except for the book, some postings on here and the video site youtube.

I will need may be somebody to assist me with Phase 3 once he has done some more edits on the project. Sound and events is complicated. I tried an example sombody posted, but I don’t feel it really helps so I may just have to leave the mechanics to a efficient user of the game engine.

I guess seperate snippet of sound files is the only way to get it working, just having one whole sound play through won’t work with events.

years and years. for a slightly cool game. lol i’m still working on mine. I’m the designer of SBG, and yes it took a year to make. my new one is going on 1+. go look at my thread.