What camera to get?

I was just thinking it would probably be a good idea to get a nice digital camera so I could make high quality photo textures, especially for eye textures. I’ve been looking around at amazon.com, but I wanted your guys opinion on what would be the best option for making photo textures without breaking the bank too much. I would want one that takes nice macros, here’s one I was considering: link (minus the Kodak EasyShare software:no:). I’d like to keep it below $300.

whatever camara you chose to buy make shore it uses sd cards becose you can get large capasaties for verry little moeny 1gb for 11 quid on amason. dont buy xd camaras becose the cards are ridiculasly overprised and you canot get mutch more than a gig capasity last time i loockd. witch was around cristmass

i have a cannon powershot a530. witch seems to be good but it is my furst digatal camara that can take disent pics

Unless you have a specific need to use a certain type of memory card, choose a camera based on what features it has, rather than what card type it uses.

best to check the photography forums, dude. I have a Canon Powershot A75 several years old that I absolutely love. 3.2 megapixel - make sure it takes at least 2k x 1k resolution pictures for HD quality backgrounds. See my compositing contest entry that Bob is sponsoring for a pic that I took with it. And i guess the firewire plug and play is standard now, but that is so neat to just plug it in, press upload, and off it goes. Vista has a decent photo tagging and organizer; but we also use the Canon untilty on XP and it is really good at keeping track of all your photos.


ummm, we at school have that same canon powershot. It works very very nicely, mmmmmm… I want one of my own.

I’ve had a Canon Powershot A710IS for several months now, and so far, I love it…

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UPDATE: if you look at some stock photo sites, they provide like 3456x2304, so that’s like 7 megapixels resolution. My son enjoys making mini-movies using my Canon’s mini-movie shooter mode as well. Oh, and digital zoom is not worth anything.

I’ve been looking around, this camera looks even better than the 7 MP version I linked to. It’s point and shoot when I need it to be, but would still allow me precise control for when I am ready to learn more about photography. I’ll see what I can find out about those Canon Powershots.:slight_smile:

This is probably dead to useless, but if you buy an iMac or Mac Book Pro, they come with a 2MP camera built into them, which is well good enough if all you really want to do is chat.