What can be done after rigging, to improve character animation and look

Hi guys,

haven’t been around with CA in blender in a while…

So can you help me (and others) with a quick reminder:

I started working on a new toon character, so long i did:

  • modeling done 95%, all quads, mirror and susburf modifier,
  • UV done, low res texture, upgrade in future,
  • made basic rig with rigify, not aplied.

Now i want to add custom head rig, but my producer is pushing hard!

So, head rig will take some time, if i do it right, can I AFTER APPLYING RIGS:

  1. change geometry (sligtly), and fix deformation with weight paint?
  2. re-do the UV unwrapping?
  3. put multires modifier, sculpt, and bake it to new textures

How flexible we are in blender anyways??
Thank you!!

You can alter the mesh to your heart’s content but there are a few things to be aware of:

  1. If you have shape keys, I wouldn’t add any faces, since that will almost assuredly mess things up
  2. You might have to fix the weight maps/vertex maps/UV Maps depending on how much you altered the mesh.
  3. Re-edit the bone positions if you moved vertices around.

You can always make a backup of your character to use as a test subject for any alterations that you do. The beauty of Blender is that you may not have to apply any modifiers if you don’t want to – it just makes a little things easier down the road if you do.

That was quick! Thanks!!

Yep, I do multiple backups, and have many layers full of old object copies, mostly to make messy blend files :slight_smile:

I’m the same way… I sometimes create a hand or a foot and copy them to a new layer so that I can experiment with different shapes on the main layer. I guess I’m a packrat :slight_smile: