What can be done with it in Blender

Could someone tell me some examples of what can be done with Python in Blender?

Thank you.

well, you can make some games (cant be to high tech) you can make photo relistic renders, and you can make some animations with the models you make.

Right, when you say realistic renders, can you show me an example possibly?

here is a render that somebody made using blender and yafray


You haven’t exactly answered my question…What does the Python language have to do with the Yafray render?

Python is the soul of blender. Blender’s success relies heavily on the extensibility it gets thru python scripts: from importers-exporters to tree and landscape generators to integration with external renderers, to a realtime 3d game engine, to GUI themes (skins),etc etc etc. Anything you imagine you may require may be written as a python script for blender, or has already been created by someone. Just check blender’s ‘scripts’ folder and you’ll see a whole bunch of them, each for a different thing.

Change one of the windows to a Scripts type window, … there are almost 100 scripts there for you to look at :slight_smile:

Take a look through the game forum and find links to completed games (i.e. the recent contest, most of those games have Python Scripts).


Python has access to about 80% of Blender’s internals - so it can do about 80% of what Blender can do. Python also has hundreds of extension modules that can provide functionalities not found in Blender.

Python can be used for anything a computer can do.

Python is a real big snake that can swallow you whole! DO NOT PISS OFF THE PYTHON!

seriously. especially if you are on a plane

Can you create water using python in the game engine? GLSL shader is supported?

what do you want python to do?