What can I do to help improve my modeling?

I’ve known about Blender for 2 years and have not progressed where I would like to be. My goal is to be able to model Sonic characters (Not fan characters jut official characters)

I might as well be a beginner, one that has opened it for the first time. What kind of tutorials or videos would help me learn or progress toward character modeling or animation? I’ve done like 2 tutorials if I’m being honest but it didn’t teach me how to model on my own.

I assume my goal is character animation and modeling if I want to animate and create a Sonic. But I don’t know what tutorials would help me learn to do that.

Would sticking to tutorials such as modeling planes, Earth, bread etc help me toward this goal? What can I do? I would appreciate some advice as I’m still unsure how to progress further.
Any help, insight, advice, tips, anything would be greatly appreciated.

In my opinion what makes the difference, while watching a tutorial, is to understand what is happening and why, not just mirroring what happens in the video. If you feel stuck watching a tutorial there could be many reasons, the tutorial could be too advanced for your current level or it could simply be a very bad tutorial. My suggestion for you would be not to rely on random YouTube tutorials and follow someone with a history of good tutorials. My two cents in this case always go to CGCookie, their blender series on anatomic parts is incredibly detailed and will teach you how to approach humanoid creatures. They won’t teach you how to make Sonic, but you’ll learn all the elements that will bring you to master its creation yourself.

I agree with FreeFly. Also modeling stuff like simple objects and such will help improve the creation aspect but the important part for character modeling is topology especially when rigging/animating. It is possible to have a great looking character with bad topology but once you go to animate that great character ends up looking more like a molded piece of crumbled tinfoil. So learning proper edgeflow and topology would be a good start. And cgcookie has some great videos on character modeling which help explain the do’s and don’t s. Best of luck and stick with it, takes a little time but you will be glad you did.