What can I do to make this scene more realistic?

Hello I would like to make this scene more realistic, what can I do to achieve such result ?
Any Idea please ?

Very nice start in your modeling and textures!

2 things I see that would help…they are never that clean…a bit ( even a hint of grime would help). Check the mesh front faces, the shadowing is a bit odd there on the upper Right around the buttons and glass. Side decals…almost every machine with an open to view side would have a logo or something…The shadow along the wall on the back…there should be a line of shadow there even with the light from the Left…the one on the right would cause a hint of shadow between the wall and machine.
image Reflections on the glass…as well as darker shadows behind the packages…The white chairs?? maybe white isn’t the color you need here, perhaps a light blue ( pick the color from the machine display) try some others, the white is overpowering the scene.

I guess that’s a bit more than 2…:wink:

Thank you, will work on that !

Maybe you also can put some position/rotation variation on the packages in the machine. Just my two cents.

Try putting scratches on the side of the vending machine to show that its been used a lot and its really old, also you could make the chairs black, because black and orange mix well.

Fix the obvious seam that you can see that goes up from the chair on the right, also you could put in maybe a white or red duffel bag, with the zipper open filled with loads of drinks and snacks to show that somebody is stocking up.

The thing sticking out most is the orange shader of the vending machine.
Before adding detail like dirt and grime, I´d try geting that right.
It might not even be because of the shader but because of the lack of things to reflect.
The metal parts of the box on the side look good because there is a reflection going on. The orange material looks flat - perhaps becuase there is simply nothing there to reflect.
If you have no scenerey offscreen you could either fake it by putting a bunch of stuff there. Models, image planes or a hdri could work.
The samei s true for the glass part of the box.


This looks really nice. The things that stick out to me are:

  • Orange color, It is a very loud color.
  • It may be a little too clean:
    • Lack of stickers, owned and operated by
    • Maybe add flier on the side
    • Maybe add wave noise to the glass, See Ian Hubert lazy tutorials.

(1) Go take an actual photograph of an actual snack-vending machine.

(2) Match it.

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  • Real life is super imperfect: dirt, rubbish, dents, scratches, holes, cracks etc, adding these would really help the scene feel more real
  • adding blurry reflections on the glass would help
  • adding some-sort of movement/life is a great way to make it feel both dirty and real; in my last project I added some moths around a light because I thought it would look nice and was surprised by how real it made it feel
  • try some world building! How do the owners feel about this vending machine? do they actually care about it? if not then I imagine this machine has grown some rust, perhaps stickers or marker-graffiti from youths messing around.
  • I’ve almost already said this one but it’s so key I want to say it clearly and on it’s own: wearing. Those chairs have been sat on by hundreds of people, some bored people scratch their chairs or draw on them and so on. The tiles would have been knocked and chipped over the years, drawn on etc. It’s your world, how do people treat this world, how new is it really?

Looks great so far though!

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