What Can I do?

So, I’ve been working on a small image project, and I just can’t seem to get the lighting mastered. It may seem weird, but can anyone give me any hints or tips on how to make this picture more clear or ‘HD’? I would really appreciate it. Here’s the pic:

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You need image textures with higher resolution (larger). You can actually see the pixels on the grass image. You can’t use an image that is 100 pixels wide to cover an area on screen that is 1000 pixels. Well you can, I mean you have done it, the result is giant blurry pixels.

Looks like you’re going for a minecraft look, so not sure about the “HD” part… As for lighting, you need some kind of fill lighting, whether through another lamp at the left pointing toward the object, through adding “ambient lighting” in the world settings, or adding an environment texture.

Is there any way I can perfect it without having to find a new image?

Thanks, to your guys’ advice, I now finished the image I was trying to create… Here it is.:

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You can render a tiny postage stamp image and it will look amazing. :cool:

Problem solved!

What you’ll want to do is set your textures Interlopation to ‘closest’ rather than ‘linear’

Where do I find that?

Under the node editor for materials, or in the material panel where you set the texture. The default value is linear.