what can multitexture materials be mode be used for in the ge

hi what can multitexture materials mode be used for in the ge. anybody got any creative ideas:yes:

For computers that don’t have a graphics card that can run GLSL shaders.

cool could you show me some examples

You’ve got 3 display modes for the BGE:

Texface is basic… it’s what Blender was originally on and pretty much just allows UV Texturing and Vertex colors. Some material settings (like specularity) will come over… but it’s picky.

Multitexture is a bit less basic, it uses UV Texturing, Vertex colors, and some material settings.

GLSL uses materials quite a bit, and allows for more complex things like shaders and realtime shadows.

You use Multitexture when you don’t need realtime shadows or complex shaders… it’s faster than GLSL on most computers. That really is all there is to it… there aren’t really “examples” of this.

Just play with it!

i was just thinking maybe it could be a gsl for low graphic card computers