What can 'rigify' rigify?

Trying to use ‘makehuman’ I came across difficulties with ‘rigify’ …
“Rigify generate mesh”

The Human(Meta Rig) no problem
But to use it on another rig-structure is ‘strange’ … (at least not toally clear to me)

It seems that a bone-structure (see picture) is the minimum needed …

but essentially seem to be: obj.animation_data.drivers in generate.py
If this is NOT ok the result is not good or even failing

If I just try to build bones like in the picuture it does NOT work :frowning:

The picture comes form a step by step minimizing the Human(Meta Rig) and that works ???


if you build a armature from the basic rifigy parts,
some parts depend on others,
example for the rigify-arms you need the basic-copy as parent.
For the rifigy-legs one would use the spine as parent … and so on.

But the thing is, you can do a one-leg-body, two-leg-body … three-leg-body…
and so on … and you will always get a nice posing armature.
Maybe you need only 3 fingers at a hand … or more like six. No problem
with this system. Same goes for arms instead of legs … but you cannot
put the arms where the legs are. You have to use a basic-copy and not
directly a spine, like for the legs. Arms are different than legs.

To start not with the default “human meta-armature”,
just create one bone, the default one.
Then add a rigify-spine and the as parent this single bone.
Then add a rifigy-leg and set as parent the spine.
Then run the rigifiy - press button “generate”…
you get a body with a single leg with ik/fk-constraints
and all the nice settings to animate it.

And yes, i did not find a tutorial about such things.
There is one good tut-video, but its quick and
some things will need some trial and error to get
the “secrets” of this setup.

For example, one would create only one half of
an armature and copy the right part to the left side
and then run the swap-names-addon to transpose
all “.R” names to the “.L” names.
… and more …

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Thanks test-dr

Now I see, what I did wrong … if I have added the rigify addon
one should start with ONE bone BUT now you have to switch to EDIT-mode
THEN and that I haven’t seen/used that you can select different parts in the properties window for objectdata


Eyes went open… will see how to use it for the rig of a makehuman built human …

No, not yet fully understood …
See the .blend …
A makehuman figure … the automatic bones deleted
Started with a fresh bone (and in editmode) added legs, arms, spine…head ==> generate used looks good
But now I am not able to let the new created bones move my human nicely …

I tried parenting with all the tree possibilites (empty groups, envelops and automatic weights), nothing worked really ;-(

(the name was chosen for envelop test … but no :frowning: not useful)

(will try to use weight paint …)

Who makes my man useful? or give me missing knowledge?


5oktT05Envelopes.blend (837 KB)

What makehuman version are you using?
There are big differences - some work some break at import
for special options and some will create a rigify-like skeleton
with the sliders in the 3d-view (instead of newer rigify in the right properties win.)

If you can only import the mesh with its vertex-groups, then
you have to re-arrange the names - either of the default human-meta-rig -
or change the vertex-group-names to those of the new rig.

And yes … this task would be a point to use a script with the names to be changed.

I have not checked makehuman for some time and cannot say what version might be working (with the right options) with an up-to-date blender-version.

update, just tested a new nightly-download from
version for 5.oct.2011
and used the export with mhx-armature
(not the one with rigify - this works not with the default blender,
needs py-script updates)
imported it into a blender svn40803M from today.
The mhx-armature is nearly the same like a rigify-meta-rig,
it has all those options (execpt the snap ?or did i not see it?
from non-ik-bone to ik-bone). There is the slider in the options
to set the ik-non-ik-usage, bone-names are a bit different
and it comes with the nice face-posing and a lot more
> http://makehuman.blogspot.com/

have not tried my robot-walking-script on it,
but it looks like there is only the change to the
other names for the ik-feet and the root-bone.
(I dont know if the last version i posted had the line
with the bone-names in it to change the check and
usage for those changes)