What can Ton Roosendaal make in 3d?

What kind of CG work can Ton Roosendaal with Blender or someother package?

Or is he just a programmer? Or is he a 3d graphics person gone programmer?

I think Ton can everything coz Blender is his baby :wink:

Well I think Ton is mainly a programmer, but I think he did a considerable amount of modeling/animation back in the days of NeoGeo: http://download.blender.org/demo/old_demos/diditdoneit.mpg (35MB)

I thought about this sme question a few days ago and thought about posting it :slight_smile:
On my search for his work, I didn’t find anything.

That would be interesting. To see work by the legendary Giver of Blender

he made the design for the blender 3D streetwear t-shirt… in blender even! :slight_smile:

Would that be the WROOOOoooom Jacket? Cause I want one!

nope, it’s sold out sadly. luckily i managed to grab a copy at one of the blender conferences. :slight_smile:

I think I got one too, they are either cyan(almost) or grey ? 8)

Mine’s that charcoal color… not quite black, but not quite grey.

Ton also builds and displays (or has built and displayed) his presentations for conferences in Blender (as opposed to, say, PowerPoint).

Presentations in blender. Ton really loves to show off doesnt he :stuck_out_tongue:

Well actualy it would be nice is every speaker at the conference would make there presentation in blender, so that they are easy to distribute and everybody can see them.


Openoffice has been ported to nearly everything under the sun so ppt or openoffice format presentations should be okay also. Or printing it to a pdf file or html file.

While personally I could do a presentation using Blender, I would be much more productive in a regular dedicated slideshow tool such as OpenOffice or PPT.


but lot less 3d :wink:

I would also like to use Blender for presentations! How did he do it? With a game engine?

no he had a different slide on each layer.


Which directly shows how limited blender’s layer system is :slight_smile:

On the other hand, a good presentation shouldn’t hold more than 10 sheets

can he seriously start making his own special vroom jackets with a blender logo on the back or somethin and sell them on teh blender site?

(or link us to the company that does make these badass jackets?)

imagine how many people would buy it…

OT: small note that some of you may find interesting. “Vroom” in Dutch means “Pious” in English… at least according to babelfish.

Vroom in English (from WordNet):

v : make a loud, roaring sound, as of a car engine, while moving

Vrooom is the name of a King Crimson release.