What can you say about this night song?

It will be sung on a night scene by one of the characters during their time in the forsaken land for my non-commercial CG film.

Starry starry night
Beautiful shades of blue and gray
Beside the trees I lay
And the moon keeps the darkness at bay

Shadows on the hills
Tall trees and white daffodils
Steady breeze and winter chills
Blowing to my face like small gusts of wind

Starry, starry night
Lonely moon that brightly shines
Smooth mists in bright blue haze
Reflection of the sky in lake’s still waters of china blue

Stars changing hue
Flat fields of daffodils
Weathered roads lie in disarray
Are slowly broken by the nature’s destructive hand

Very nice. Wasn’t that a Don McClean song?

Reads very beautifully sounds like a poem but very good would be awesome for your night scenes :slight_smile:

Yes indeed. I just try to fit it on my scene while also not loosing the orig song’s tune. Cheers to McClean for the nice song. He will be happy to hear this version.