What Causes Long Render Times?

I am just curious, but before I added a uv map for the floor of my scene, the render time was usually around 2 minutes, now it is 15 minutes at a time, and that is with the floor alone and none of the rest of the scene being rendered. My first question is, what would cause the sudden jump in render time, and what other things might cause a long render time?

  1. i dont know, havent ever expirianced sutch a large increse in render time just by adding a texture, is it verry high res?

  2. sub serfice scattering, high resolution meshes, amb-occ, aria lamps, ray tracing in general, radiosaty.

Everything good causes long(er) render times. What you’ve got sounds rather excessive though. But I would say that a 2 minute render time for a floor (plane?) without uv mapping is in itself excessive. Even if you have raytracing enabled. What are your system specs?

Looks like you ran out of physical memory, and your computer is swapping. What resolution is the texture you added, and it is only one texture or more (bump, specular)? How many polys do you have in scene? And system specs (at least amount of RAM)?