what causes smoothing errors and how do i fix them?

i’m making a mini fridge item for a video game, but i seem to have a pretty big smoothing error.

first, here is the fridge i’m referencing


and here is my model, with the smoothing error near the top. the error also appears on the back of the fridge.


and here is the model with its faces shown


i dont want to fix them by marking some edges sharp because i need the edges smoothed to make it look like the reference more.

is there a better way to model this fridge or is there a way fix the smoothing?

Actually, it looks like you already have more loop cuts than needed. Also the topology across the front of the refrigerator is not flowing well vertically. I’m just a noob who’s come to ask another question, so take my suggestions FWIW :wink:

What are those two circles doing? Are they separate objects? If they’re integral to the front door, their topology might be integrated as well.

youre probably mostly right. the loop cuts toward the top are too close together and theyre causing the weird smoothing. is there a better way to model this? maybe i should remove some of them.

also the two circles are magnets. theyre separate geometry, since they would be separate objects in real life.

Post the blend file and I’ll take a peek :slight_smile:

I think one of the main reason of the problem is that the base topology is not good for the rounded beveling used, i mean this :

Those edges that are too close from the boundaries of the model (that you’ll use a bevel on) are going to generate lots of problem regarding the smoothing of the surface :

Instead you should start with that kind of topology :

That has enough space between the boundary edges and the ones inside so you can get the beveling doing it jobs without the generated edges getting too close and creating sharp problems in a smooth surface

thanks. i modeled it like this and the smoothing looks much cleaner now. thanks for the help.