what causes "streched"/"overlapped" parts in a mesh?


I’m totaly new to the 3d scene and just downloaded blender a couple of days ago. To get a jump start I wanted to understand blender by fiddling around with a premade model of a guitar. I’ve watched numerous tutorials and get the idea of a “clean mesh”, the free guitar model I found was a mess! So I’ve been cleaning it up but some thing have started to happen here and there… I’m guessing that this problem (you can look at the attached image) is caused by maybe a little too much cleaning up… but I really can’t figure it out where this problem comes from, what verticies to alter to come to peace with this “overlapping”. There’s no vertex where this overlap “ends”…

When looking in wireframe view right under the “knob” of the guitar there’s like a “tension”, I don’t know how to explain it. But it’s not connected to any vertecies or something…

I’m not familiar with the termology so please forgive me if I’m not making any sence. Feel free to ask me to explain my problem further or show you some more pictures.




Its difficult to know what you mean but turn down the subsurf to 0 (no effect same as deleting it, its in modifier panel on the right - it says view).

If this corrects it then you can look at inseting edge loops or using edge split modifier etc. etc.

Here is a link to a tut

Maybe just best to learn to make your own anyway.