What celebrity do you look like? Face recognition!!!

This is neat, it requires registration, but look!!!


here is a collage

Apparently Tom Cruise looks most like Cameron Diaz and nothing like himself… Patrick stewart looks like noone, however it did get Cameron Diaz and George Clooney right.




I uploaded a picture of me, and it says I’m a 63% match for Eric Clapton.

Okay, I’m cool with that.


It also said…

I’m a 54% match for…


Britney Spears.

My, my, my, oh my.

That is frightening.

Because it’s very warped software, or there’s some truth in it, not sure which.

Either way, I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight.


Dammit, Firefox seems to be the new IE.

Lol, if that’s you in your avatar, I’d say that was pretty frightening.

osxrules… its always bad developers though, not the software itself.


Yeah, that’s me, although my hair is usually more unkempt. Besides Eric and Britney I also got Tom Sizemore and Johnny Knoxville, two choices that seem a little odd, too.

Oh well, if computers were perfect I’d be out of a job, so I guess I’ll be grateful. :slight_smile:

I uploaded a photo of myself 2 years ago:

59% Tony Danza
55% Jewel
49% Jesse Metcalfe (booyah, I guess)

70% Alicia Silverstone
60% Cliff Richard
54% Mark Wahlberg


chimpoid, I’d say you should have got 100% with Alicia Silverstone by the looks of your display pic :stuck_out_tongue: