what changing thread and tile count effects?

ok ive been playing with threads and tiles a bit to see how much faster scenes and objects will render.testing with amd athlon x2 5600+ 3gb ddr2 667 vista 32bit and intel c2q 9550 2gb ddr 800 vista 64 and linux 64. so far at 4 threads on 8x8 tiles i get 1-5 seconds shaved off on the amd and in some scenes the higher i go in threads the slower it gets.i tested tiles aswell and 8x8 is the best but in some scenes ive got better time at 6x6.

so the the real question is does changing the thread and tile count effect only certain things like transparency,raytracing or shadows?

is there only a benefit if your rendering somthing extremly complex or large?

or am i way off lol?

You are way off XD

The Threads setting simply means how many processes your computer uses to calculate said scene. This is usually equal to the number of processors since you want as many processors to work on the scene as possble, but if you have more than one thread per processor it’s wasting resources (usually)

Tiles are how many pieces the final image is broken up into for those threads to handle. Each thread can only handle one tile at a time. You’ve done good in finding out how many tiles seems optimized, but you would be better off doing it this way - Find out how many tiles render the fastest at a given image size (say 600X800) you say 8x8 renders fastest, well at 600x800 you are rendering 64 75x100 pixel images and piecing them together. (note your actual numbers are probably different, this is just an example) Now that you know your optimized tile size, whenever you render an image you want however many tiles will give you that tile size. Say your next render is a 1200x1600, then you would actually want 16x16 tiles, since that would give you 128 75x100 pixel images for the computer to chew on.

To better answer your question, Threads and tiles have nothing to do with the render settings of the scene, just how the computer handles that scene!

Hope that helped :wink:

yes thank you that helped a lot.guess i dont need to play with threads anymore lol.