What codec should I use? [REWORDED X-TREME EDITION!]

I know I posted this before, but I’ll reword it, and change it a little based on what you guys said.

How do I make my end-production video (the end video that my audience will see) look as High Definition as production movies - that you’d buy in a movie store and watch on your TV - without increasing the file size to an ungodly amount? What codec, settings, and blahblahblah should I use/do to reach this epic ratio of quality:space?

If you don’t understand, I shall slap you.

I use the H.264 codec to a quicktime container

What would you recommend as settings in the H.264 codec?

i would the percent 100 so its at its best, also in U.S. pixels maybe 640X480 for sure 25fps

I would export as 720p (i.e. 1280x720 @ 24fps). Select FFmpeg, choose the H.264 preset, then change the container from AVI to Quicktime. If the clip has audio too, multiplex it as AAC.

Ok, j and eye208, I will do that. 100 quality, Quicktime container, and also will learn what the hell AAC is… oh well. I’ll choose resolution based on how long I want to render. Thanks, guys.

The quality value has no effect on FFmpeg encoding. You choose a bitrate instead. Try the default values first. AAC can be selected from the audio codec menu.

If 1280x720 is too large or takes too long to render, you can go for SD-DVD resolution instead, i.e. 720x480. You have to set the pixel aspect ratio to 32:27.