What collaboration software to you use for clients?


Just wondering if there are any good modern review / comments / discuss web applications that people use between artists and management (or clients) for review and feedback.

e.g. Upload latest render, client draws on it suggesting changes etc. Everything is recorded and managed so communication is always logged etc.

Thanks for any help

There are surprisingly few options really. I recently recommended ftrack to management. Its kind of expensive tho.

Hack’N’Plan is good.

We use reviewstudio.com at work.

It’s not perfect but we use it for all our videos and design work.
Allows clients to draw on, amd comment on specific parts.
It’s presentation mode and compare mode are great.

Seeing as 99% of the feedback we discuss is trough conference calls with clients in different timezones it an easy to jump on a call, start presentation mode and use the laserpointer tool to discuss the project :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, HackNPlan doesn’t seem to support drawing on the image but reviewstudio looks good.