What command is "Grow/Shrink Selection", and how do I use it without a numpad?

I’m on a MacBook Pro with no numpad and can’t find a way to use or remap “Grow/Shrink Selection” (NUMPAD +/-). Does anybody know what this command is called in the key bindings, and how I can remap it to another combination? “Emulate Numpad” doesn’t help here either since it seems to only deal with the number keys 1, 2, …, 0.

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Try Alt-S.

That is scaling. I don’t mean to scale the mesh, I mean to grow/expand the selection. I.e. if you select a face on a grid, and use grow selection, all adjacent faces get added to the current selection.

(image taken from here)

The key bindings you need are called Select More and Select Less. You could just access it via the Select Menu then right-click on the menu item to change the shortcut there. Easier than digging through Preferences.

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Wonderful, thank you! I didn’t find it in the Select menu but Select More and Select Less is exactly what I was looking for. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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