What computer do you use to Blend?

Remember, tell us ONLY about the computer/s you use to do computer graphic related task.

Here is mine:
AMD Athlon XP @ 1.9Ghz
512 PC3200 DDR-RAM
Radeon 9600XT
Win XP Pro

[Edit]: Oh yeah, forgot about the computers at school which do some render for me. (Although no one is suppose to know that :o )

Celeron 666
Savage 4

okay, lemme see here

home pc, main

athlon xp 2000+ with 1Gb of ram and ati radeon 9600se
runs windows xp and linux [debian at the moment]

alternate pc
amd k6-2 450Mhz with 192Mb of ram (I have more lying around, am lazy) and Voodoo 2 3000 (or 3 2000?) pci video card
runs mandrake 8.2

several dell optiplex machines with 733Mhz pIII and 256Mb of ram
intel 82810e graphics cards, windows XP

os X (10.1, too old to run safari even) g4 (iirc, they are dark colors) iMacs

My home PC:

AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (2.08 GHz)
512MB DDR PC2700 RAM
MSI GeForce4 MX 440 8XAGP 64MB DDR
running Windows XP Home

I use an ibook 700MHz, 384MB Ram, 20GB hard drive, 16MB Radeon 7500, Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and a 3-button Microsoft optical intellimouse.

Pentium 4 2.4 gig
512 mb Rimm
Geforce 4 Ti 4600
Windows XP professional

Home Computer:
Win XP(home)
2.4gig processor
1 gig ram (DDR)
GeForce 4600

I use a laptop. It’s black and it has an LCD screen. The keys are too close together though, don’t like that.

mines old and embarassing now.

1Gb ram
19 inch flat screen crt
barrrggggg its poos


P150MMX Laptop
2GB HDD (nearly full)
No 3D accellerator
Poor 2D accelleration
Generic M$ OpenGL drivers
1MB VRAM (at least I assume so, windows won’t let me go above 800x600x16bit or 1024x768x8bit)
800x600 dot LCD screen - if I make the screen res 1024x768 I hae to scroll the screen
I’d tell you how big(small) the screen is, but I can’t find a ruler…

Blender works fine (a little slow, but fine) for simpler scenes (but I hate to think what would happen it alltaken tried to use it :o)

Mine is awesome :smiley:

P4 2.4 GHZ
1GB PC3200 Dual-Channel
Geforce TI4200


how can yours be awsome and mine crap if they are almost the same. although i admit i don’t have dual channel 3200, which probably means your 2.4Ghz is 800mhz FSB LOL.

and phlip LOL, i would kill myself. the first computer i ran blender on was better than that, and it was CRAP.

the worst computer i have ever used blender on, was a 800Mhz 128Mb ram celeron laptop. man that thing was almost suicidal.

heck my current computer is having issues with speed and things.


Home 1 (Modeller/Renderer):
AMD Athlon 2000+
1 gig (2x512) PC2700 memory
2 x 80 gig HDD in RAID 0
GeForce 4 TI 4400 VIVO

Home 2 (Renderer):
AMD Athlon 2500+ (Barton)
1 gig (2x512) PC2700 memory
80 gig HDD
Integrated Graphics

Work 1 (Modeller/Renderer):
Pentium 4 1.5GHz
1 gig (4x256) memory
60 gig HDD
GeForce 2 MX

Work 2 (Modeller/Renderer):
Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz
2 gig (4x512) memory
?? HDD
GeForce 4 TI 4600

Work 3 (Modeller/Renderer primary):
Dual Opteron 250
2 gig (4x512) PC3200 memory
2x 120 gig HDD (Raid 1)
GeForce FX 5950

1.3 Centrino
512 ddr ram
30gb HDD
shitty intel graphics card (soldered on Mboard so cant change it :< )

AthlonXP 1800
512 pc2100
60 gb 7200rpm ata100
GeForce2 Ti
WinCrapXP Home
Mandrake 10

1 GHz Dell Latitude
512 MB SDR
GeForce 2 Go

I have a much faster Desktop, but I choose silence over speed. I will never ever buy a desktop pc again.

Prepare to yawn!

My stuff hasn’t changed much since the last “your workstaion” thread.
My only additions/upgrades since this pic are a 5 piece surround sound system, and a 256 MB version of the GForce FX 5200. The comps are running XP Pro and Win98SE and are networked.

I made a neat little RadioShack project box that places the headphone/mic/speaker jacks at the front of the desk. Plugging the headphones in automaticly cuts out the speakers. (Only part of the cords show here, but it’s attached to the desk, under the keyboard shelf, opposite the surge protector)

the best computer i blend on is a p2 350mhz with 128 mb ram.
sometimes i blend on a old p1 75mhz laptop with 8 mb ram. (you dont want to know how slow that goes.)

I blend on

PIII 866Mhz
512Mb RAM
TNT2 M64

I’m looking at buying one of those Atlon64’s in a few weeks. Just hanging on and hoping the new athlons that are coming out shunt the 3400 down in price.

Bet that’s gonna be a nice setup!

PIII 600 Mhz
256 Mb RAM
Voodoo 5 ( :< )

Well, luckily I’m buying a new one pretty soon.