What computer for archviz rendering?

I’m an architect and want to use blender for high quality archviz. However I’m not familliar with hardware specs and not sure which parts are the most important in cycles rendering in blender.

As new nvidia RTX cards came up I consider to build new computer for work and render.

e.g. RTX 3080 is affordable to me but not sure if this is appropriate to my work or which version of rtx 30 series what else is crucial? Is it a processor, motherboard and so on… Could you recommend any hardware setup?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to Blender Artists!

Could you mention a budget and where you’re located?

Poland if that matters :wink:
my budget is around 2500$

Yes, everything matters, because prices vary from one country to another.
My advice would be to wait for a month or so for the new Ryzen Gen 3 cpus coming out in November. They bring a huge STP increase, which is paramount for most things Blender executes. Since you’ll be using the gpu for rendering, you don’t need to spend much on the cpu. Focus on the 5800X in my opinion, which starts with a MSRP of 449$, but when it comes out it’s almost certain that the actual commercial price would be 500+$ for 1-2 months, due to huge demand and expectations.
So, let me give a rough setup, which can be used as a guide:

  1. CPU: 5800X https://cenowarka.pl/amd-ryzen-7-5800x-100-100000063wof-a2392525.html?hloc=pl
  2. Motherboard: a good mid-range X570 with Zen 3 support, ex. https://cenowarka.pl/asus-tuf-gaming-x570-plus-90mb1180-m0eay0-a2079099.html?hloc=pl
  3. RAM: 32gb ex. https://cenowarka.pl/g-skill-trident-z-neo-dimm-kit-32gb-f4-3600c16d-32gtznc-a2099456.html?hloc=pl
  4. GPU: a 3080 obviously, but when it’s available: ex. https://cenowarka.pl/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-3080-gaming-oc-10g-gv-n3080gaming-oc-10gd-a2366735.html?hloc=pl
  5. CASE: I prefer good airflow cases, ex. https://cenowarka.pl/phanteks-eclipse-p500a-non-rgb-czarny-ph-ec500atg-bk01-a2326815.html?hloc=pl
  6. SSD: A fast nvme for OS/apps, ex. https://cenowarka.pl/samsung-ssd-980-pro-1tb-mz-v8p1t0bw-a2361123.html?hloc=pl
  7. CPU Cooler: I would prefer a top air-cooler for this build, ex. https://cenowarka.pl/be-quiet-dark-rock-pro-4-bk022-a1794846.html?hloc=pl
  8. PSU: A 850-1000W platinum would be my choice, ex. https://cenowarka.pl/corsair-hx-series-hx1000-80-plus-platinum-1000w-atx-2-4-cp-9020139-a1558729.html?hloc=pl

I think this list is within your budget. If not, changes could be made to shave off some $. Of, course, if you are a bit patient and wait for 1-2 months, cpu and gpu prices should drop substantially, and the grand total might be reduced by 1000PLN or more.

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Wow, thank you very much for so coprehensive answer :slight_smile:

if it comes about GPU
I learned that probably on December there will be new 3080 with 20gb ram
most or all current rtx 30series has 10gb
How crucial is that?

Nothing is certain, but there are strong rumors about that. If you do heavy archviz and use numerous assets and heavy decorations, the 20gb version might be quite useful for you. In general, it’s better to have more Vram than less, but Blender users tend to optimize their scenes and make clever use of the available Vram. And there’s always the option to use hybrid mode (cpu+gpu) and unload some data on the system’s RAM, if the scene gets larger than usual.

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Hi! I have a similar need, thinking on build a computer from zero:

GPU: RTX 3080 24GB ¿or maybe 3090? (too expensive)
CPU: AMD ¿which one?
RAM: 32 GB ¿wich one?
M.2 memory 1TB (apart from the first one I have already 1 TB SSD for finished works and libraries storage)
PSU: ?
CPU Cooler: with one air cooler?

Budget: around 4 or 4.5K Euro. As you can see, it’s my investment for archviz professional projects.

Can you advise me please?


Hi! In less than a month (probably in 1-2 weeks) the new Intel CPUs will be out. Hold on until then. Let’s see how the pricing and the true performance of the new CPUs goes, and then it will be safer to decide. The new CPUs bring a huge improvement in ipc and single threaded performance, but thermals and power consumption are said to be on the downside. Your budget is adequate for a high-end blender oriented rig, but wait in order to get the best for your money. Availability would also be an issue during the first months, so AMDs flagships could still be an option for a decent price for their performance.

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Thank you very much! Yes, I have even more than one month to decide, I’m trying to study and take the best path in advance :smiley: I’ll watch the new CPUs coming!

Some parts are out for pre-order. A basic idea of what you can do with the budget:

Grand total of 3650€ without the cooler.

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Thank you birdnamnam!!! I’ll take account your idea, it’s like a map for me :smiley: