What could be the problem?

I am new to Blender tracker. I tracked a footage and I wanted to add new object to the tracked scene but when I render, they don’t look solid.

What could be the problem? I need help.

Here is the problem:


You’re adding the objects to the wrong layer?

I changed the layers of the objects and it worked! You are right, but why these newly added objects automatically moved to the second layer? I watched some tutorials and the tutors never moved the objects to another one. Where is my mistake here?

Thank you, by the way :slight_smile:

New objects are added to the active layer, which I’m guessing is the one with the ground plane. That is used as a shadow catcher, so the new objects were only contributing shadows. It may be the order the objects are created by Blender has changed. I really don’t know.

Thank you organic.

I hope there will be someone who explains this order of the layers. Maybe this is a bug, who knows? :slight_smile: