What could make viewport slow?

I have a quite heavy scene and suffering from slow responsive viewport which drove me crazy…
I tried to disable many heavy meshes but still not help.
I was wondering fi there any resource which can help me with how to make my viewport less laggy.

Another question, i tried add a new scene, and will add new scene make it even harder to use?

Have you checked your subdevision modifier, that is a cause not visible in the first place.
How are the pc specs and the blend-file specs, vertices/face count?

  • Modifiers
  • Mesh lines, etc.
  • Realtime render.
  • Blender Properties > Antialiasing (for fast draw, disable it)
  • For fast viewport, need fast GPU and big system and GPU memory.
  • And, if your scene huge, then never put all objects in one scene, use linked objects, etc.

Yeah, i checked the subd, it’s normal setting.
My spec were
3900x 2070super
3million faces

Do you mean build all mesh in file A, and build scene in a file B with all mesh linked from the A?

No. All mesh have own file (A, B, C, D, etc.) and link to main scene.

Ok, but wont that be too much file to manage in the end?
And btw, i have little comfused with “main scene” here, do you mean one file with different scene?
like this?

The term scene is somewhat confusing in Blender.

If you use an asset manager, it is much easier

Yes, it is,
Thanks for the video link.
His video is great.~

You must learn create assets and use these in your scenes.

You needn’t to link scene, need to link object, material, etc.