What CPU for smooth Animation Playback?

Why do we have millions of CPU rendering benchmarks when nobody does that while i can’t find a single Viewport animation playback benchmark?

I still don’t know what would work best , some High frequency blue boi vs some brand new red Chad with lot of cores…

Viewport speed may depend on the GPU and the CPU in different tasks. In addition Blender has its own limitations, that is, you may not have smooth animation in Viewport even if you have the best hardware in the market.
Regarding CPU, the rule is that many threads are good, but single thread performance also greatly influences blender. So when you choose a CPU you make a balance between these two benchmarks:


I can’t provide you with any benchmarks but I can give you my (possibly wrong) take:

  • Single core performance is most important for now
  • Get used to the idea that the viewport will rarely play in realtime with most real projects
  • Get good at hiding collections / isolating objects and view layers to be able to turn things off to keep things as quick and fine tune what you are focusing on
  • Use the VSE with your main scene in it (set to solid or lookdev preview) to be able to cache and preview your animations