What CPU upgrade is the best within my budget?

I’ll try to render my first movie and I was wondering what CPU upgrade will give me the best result inside my budget. Right now I have a AMD FX 4100 and I was thinking about upgrading the CPU for a:

  1. Core i7 4770K
  2. Core i5 4670K
  3. A10 7850K
  4. FX 9590 Black Edition
  5. FX 9370 Black Edition
    and a suitable motherboard. Which one of those will provide me the fastest rendering results? What rendering percentage gain do you think I will get from each of those CPU’s comparing to the FX 4100? Thanks for reading.

Hi, there is a chart on tom´s hardware with all CPU and Blender:


A 4770K is about 3 times faster than your FX 4100

Cheers, mib

The Core i7 4770K seems like the logical upgrade.