What did he do to displace the basemesh without stretching or seams?

I’m trying for quite some time now, but I can’t get a result similar to him. Either I get bad stretching - or I get horrible seams.

The seams could be patched away with rock brushes, but I’d like to understand how he made it in one go without further manual fixing.

Unfortunately there is no more info than in this gif in the source breakdown (https://80.lv/articles/highway-scene-using-blender-for-modeling-and-vegetation-workflow/)

Hope someone here can help

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Please post what you have otherwise it is difficult to tell what is wrong.

Thanks for the reply, I got into contact with the author of the breakdown https://www.artstation.com/usov and he explained how he did it.

In the gif it looked like it would be perfect from the get-go, but he also fixed displacement artefacts manually with a rock brush.