What did he mean here?

I can’t understand.What did he mean where i marked. And how i will do this ?

Does he mean like a lower resolution proxy to work with. Proxy normally mean a stand in, like lower res for animating

  1. I believe he’s writing for Maya users. There are some differences in techniques. I’m not familiar with Maya.

  2. What he’s saying is basically copy weights from a whole copy of the model to the parts. This might not be necessary in Blender, because your “skin” is just your vertex weights, which aren’t lost on separation into parts. But basically, don’t try to run autoweights on a bunch of separated parts or your model will come apart at the seams.

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Still can’t understand.Can you give me a tutorial for this from youtube or somewhere ? Or explain basically please . How i will copy weights ? İ just have a one character and what i have to do with it ?