What Did I Do To Make The Stencil Brush Not Color Right?

Hello so i went back to work on my mesh and i dont know what I did to make the bottom color purple. Can someone tell me how to get that back to just straight black?


generally pink means that the image texture is missing, you may have forgotten to save it or you’ve moved its folder, etc…

is there anyway to add black back to the pink area?

Go to the material of this body part and change the texture to the actual texture (which is hopefully stored somewhere on your pc)

Have you already painted this area? In that case there are 2 solutions: either you’ve forgotten to save it and in that case you need to recreate a black image (see the Image Texture node, click on X and create a New image with the new button), or you’ve saved it but Blender has lost its trace because you’ve moved the folder, in that case use the same Image Texture node to find the right path.

Its not letting me select anything except the head part when I go to image texture node:

The head is texture stencil painted on the body isn’t. I had it at black before I started using it in another file.

Not sure what you mean, take a look at material.004, there must be an Image Texture node, check what image this node is supposed to use, and try to find it, or create a brand new image and paint it