What did I think of the Elephants Dream movie? Mwaah...

I just downloaded and watched the Orange movie project ‘Elephant’s Dream’ and I was quite surprised by the quality of the animation. Apart from the fact that the movement of the characters appeared somewhat ‘stocky’ the overall quality comes quite close to that of a multimillion dollar production from a billion dollar U.S. film studio.

The biggest letdown was off course, the plot and the story, which seems somewhat psychedelic and reminded me a little too much of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall.’ The story itself isn’t very, how do I put this, approachable or even interesting.

This production has convnced me there is a market which can be serviced with Blender and with the right plot, a lot of money can be earned.

you know what would be really interesting. If some of us actualy got together and formed a Blender based renderhouse corpoation that would revel that of Pixar or RealFX. Would there be money in that. Oh yes!! Especialy with no licensing issues with Blender. That’s what I hope to accomplish someday. And how better to get Blender recognized fully in the professional world then a have full-length movie to come out made with it, and do well. But now i’m done dreaming.

Is there anyone that would like the same thing?

you want a full lenght movie made with blender? look there:


I was thinking along the same lines. But you have to keep in mind that the story is the most important thing, it shouldn’t be an ‘artistic thing’ like ‘Elephants Dream.’

The ‘Free Birds’ movie seems like a dud. :frowning:

I’m sorry, but I do have to agree with that assessment. Elephant’s Dream was created as a project to improve Blender, the premise behind it was “Lets use Blender to make a film so that we can see where Blender needs to be improved to be a more effective production tool”. In that respect it was a resounding success, recent versions of Blender have come on in huge bounds. But the story suffered as it was secondry to the main goal of the project.

If you look at the IMDB entry for Elephant’s Dream, most people say that they think the short is visually stunning but the story was esoteric and inaccessible, and the overall score it has picked up is pretty low as a result. With movies, story and characters must always come first.

Pixar are the success they deserve to be because they understand this. When starting a project they start working under the asumption that the software will be able to do anything they care to write into the story. They only start worrying about the technical limitations of their software once they have an idea where they are going with the story. They mention an example of this on the DVD commentry for The Increadibles. The director mentions at one point that they had in the script that the main character is examining his ripped superhero suit and that he puts his hand through the tear. The software guys went off their collective nuts at hearing this apparently, complaining about how difficult it would be to simulate cloth with a rip in it and to have a model interact with the rip. In the end they managed to improve their software to handle it.

You know, someone suggested that Blenderers all over the world should collaborate in
making such a movie via the internet. Much like what is happening here in this forum. I
see no reason why it can’t happen. If it happens, a large portion of the profit should go
to the further development of Blender.

Before anything else, why don’t we start by coming up with a marketable story.:smiley:

wow, that’s great!
i also liked the reference to psychadelic.

Pixar are the success they deserve to be because they understand this (good plot and characters).

i’m very honored that we are compared to pixar.
although, i would rather not be.
even though i enjoy family movies what pixar does, we watch them with kids and have good laugh and they are very entertaining. but movies i watch on my own, are quite different.

oh, and let’s not forget that this is short movie. like short stories, these are whole different form of art. for example check out some shorts from Kafka or Daniil Harms, and compare these to any full length novel… you will notice that it’s nothing like.
you don’t need to tell full story in short. you can tell part of a bigger one, or start, or only end. or, you can just give description of situation.
we need more movies like this.

(and before anybody says anything, those short movies you see in beginning of long pixar movie (you know, with cute animals stealing carrots and getting run over), are not real shorts, they are funnies, cartoons… )


um…BTW…what about Orange2?
Ton…any news?

I offer 10% of the profits to the Blender foundation. If we rake in $200 million we are at least guaranteed that the Blender guys can work on Blender for the foreseeable future. I think we should write out a contest for stories which we can turn into scripts which we turn into a movie. I’ll be offering a story/script myself :wink:

The only problem is the carving up of the profits. If anyone can work on the project then anyone can claim part of the profit. I recommend that we all vote on the sharing of profits according to effort and contribution put into the project.

before starting new one…


you cant be talking about plumiferos, can you?

pardon my words, i’m still under the heavy influence of jetlag, but that comment seriously sucks, sir!
i just returned from buenos aires, where i got to work with this totally courageous bunch of people that is Manos Digitales (the Plumiferos creators) for a month. you have no idea how hard they are working over there to make this movie!
sure, they dont release as much information, and as a result people dont overly hype this project (yet) like Orange. still, they release some news in their blog every now and then and let people peek into their production process. they’re in argentine press constantly. they’re the first all 3D feature movie made in argentina and coincidentally the first commercial feature made entirely in blender!

the complexety of their task is absolutely overwhelming, a small studio of only 25 people working on a feature film? just about one more year to complete it? yet they’re putting in long hours, risk their health, drink their mate, eat their empanadas with a level of professionalism that absolutely blows my mind. and they’re improving every day (they’re already lightyears beyond their first trailers in terms of quality)!

this project is far bigger than your average internet kiddie’s dream. everyone and their mom can post “W00t had this c00l prjct idea lets make a m00vee!!111” nowadays. if you havent done/started/failed doing/attempted/witnessed anything better, your comment qualifies as zero.

rant over, back to drinking coffee.

Easy @ndy. Ignorance makes people say things. I’m glad that you told whats going on down there with the movie. That they work hard all day long and making big progress. :slight_smile: I saw the changes they made with blender. Really big changes in animation and such.

I wish them all good luck with the movie.

hi first,
on Orange Project:
I think in quality this shortmovie is great, the only thing I can critizize is that the animations of the charecters are a little bit stocky.
But all in all I think this project made Blender a big step better :slight_smile:

On Plumiferos:
Also don´t get it, why the “Free Bird” project should be bad???
The material i´ve seen yet seems to be quite good, and it has to be mentioned, as already in BlendArt magazine has been reported about, that the whole team has other fulltime jobs and that they don´t have huge rendering farms…


a small studio of only 25 people working on a feature film

Regardless of which approach is being taken for production - that in itself is astounding. Pixar have more people than that working on just the modelling or just the lighting or just the character animations or just the… Hell, they probably have more than 25 people serving coffee! Well, maybe not.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more from Plumiferos.

As for the internet collaboration idea - yes, it is a great idea that’s why so many people have it. Getting it to work is a whole different story. I believe that to succeed it needs to take a leaf from real life and establish a rock-solid heirarchy of managers and directors down to modellers and animators. And it needs a good script with an extensive storyboard. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing locking people to completing it.

The things that let down Elephants Dream have been well documented since its release. As for whether “weird” can penetrate “mainstream”, ask Stanley Kubrick.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone with my comment about ‘Free Birds’ but those are just my personal judgements.

I agree, there first needs to be a good story, a script and then a complete storyboard before any animation is even attempted. If people see the script and like it things will fall into place, as long as someone takes the lead. The problems I see with similar projects is that they’re totally chaotic, there’s no script, no storyboard, just some guys making short subparquality short movies.

I mean, everyone loves to be part of a successfull movie and maybe reap some of the benefits from it, right? So it’s mandatory to have a good reward compensation scheme, including credit and a part of the pie (if there is any). The project should be ‘open’ but still copyrighted, the copyright belong to all the individuals that worked on it but compensation for each will be determined by the group as a whole (if feasible) or some independent third-party.

my hopes for project orange 2 is that they use the great new greenscreen feature being added to blender

in my opinion blender has amazing live film and composite options. it would be great if someone came up with a great story, maybe taking place in the dark ages, with lots of great creatures, and characters. then the movie could have both live actors acting against a greenscreen with lots of great 3d characters and creatures and enviornments, everthing with blender.

well what do you know! i just wrote a dark ages film with all that stuff, looks like i will be working on orange project two with ton, thanks ton, i’m honored you would offer that to me, yes i agree, sago should be added to the project too!

excellent, well there you have it the next orange project will feature me ton, and sago, and some others doing a dark ages film, with the wonderful composite/greenscreen options with blender…whats that…you say i dont live in reality…ok…i agree…call me ton…well do lunch…be sure to bring your vrooom jacket

Hi All,

I am a noob to the Blender community. I searched for a product that I felt had the potential to become something special or that is already special, and I found that in Blender. I am just learning the ins and outs of Blender, I have never been so involved in learning how to manipulate a product in my entire life. The posts show the determination the community has to continue to produce a high quality product for free. It is a wonderful tool and I would someday be able to help give back to the Blender community for developing such a great product. I would be interested in assisting in a project in some form or another. right now I am just dowloading tutorials and playing with Blender around 3-5 hours a day.


bigpilot - like @ndy himself?


I don’t necessarily think the implicit “weirdness” of ED was even the problem, weird things become HUGELY popular all the time - look at any culture’s myths, star trek, lord of the rings, etc… I think it was the lack of focus in the story. if you are making a ten minute film, everything should be motivated by something, every detail has to figure in somehow, just like with any great short fiction. the narrative of ED kind of… meandered…
although now that I know it was a project at least as much about developing blender that makes more sense. there were many more requirements for testing the visuals. but I still think it could’ve been tighter.

sorry, I was an english major, so that’s my rant. and don’t get me wrong, ED is what got me started using blender in the first place, I owe the project a million thanks…

What I think is a major hurdle in making any movie by amatures is time. When I had a 5pm to 9pm part time job, I had so much TIME to work on movie stuff. Now I work 8am to 5,6,7,8pm everyday and when I get home, last thing on my mind is making movies in 3d. I still have the passion and the fire. Just not the time. I see that here all the time. Even on blenderprojects.com, even tho we did say you could help for 1 day or 1 year, too many people took the 1 day approch. Only a handful stayed around to help out. This is, to me anyway, what is the major problem. People not commiting themselves 100%.

I tried, er, I am still trying. I got burned out and I took a break, If I had more Alex_G’s, ROUBALS, and Calvins, I have no doubt we would be done by now. It takes more than WANT to make a movie, it takes alot of sacrafice, commitment, and most of all, FREE TIME. If you dont have these three things, forget even starting or mentioning a project. I have no doubt that if ORANGE team had 1 year to work on a movie it would blow everyones socks off. If you read the blogs and posts by the ORANGE team they were under strict Time deadlines. So its not talent, or ideas we need here, its time.

I ran out of free time, but I am taking steps to make more. So I can do what I love, Making movies.