What did you buy to use along blender?

I was wondering what other people bought regarding cg related stuff I want to focus on software, basically everything but you computer. I can tell you what I bought and that is:
-Octane Render (more people need to buy this and request a blender integrated plugin)
-Cg textures Membership
-blender cookie membership

  • Bsurfaces (I wish there were commercial add on for blender)

CGCookie membership and that’s pretty much it.

I also have a student membership at Autodesk and get to use all their products for free (for non-commercial work) but I figured that doesn’t count.

  • zbrush: best invention ever :smiley:
  • mari : will seriously make your work much faster and better
  • first cgtextures but then a dslr : better than premade textures, and making stuff you’ve already seen is always looking great (+ it’s often faster than making unknown stuff from foreign looking references :D)
  • 3d.sk
  • photoshop? I seriously can’t understand how so many blender users can live without it :S

I’m still looking for a good renderer, might look into octane…

-Octanerender is a very fine renderengine. Just the lack of a deep integrated Blenderplugin hurts a lot.
You always have to export which is time consuming.
Already a lot of blenderuseser were begging for a official plugin on the octanerender forum without luck.
The octane guys mentioned that license issues are the biggest problem for integration. Hopefully the future will change.
So atm its more for stills then for animation. But nevertheless i would advise to give it a try and check the demo but be careful its

Or use Vray for Blender (http://vray.cgdo.ru/forum/).
Sometimes i dream of vray officiall support in blender. Blender officially supporting vray would change the game a lot i think…

I doubt we’ll ever see official Octane support in Blender due to the bad blood that exists between the two.

I got:
Shadermaps Pro
Datacolor Spyder
3d.sk membership
Camera, Studio lights+flashes, phototable and a huge greenscreen.
Lightworks (codecpack)
Wacom Intous
Space Navigator

I’d love to get:
the Adobe Master Suite, ZBrush and a VRay license too.
Other than that I am set.

Free tools I use along with Blender:

yep, you might be right, but Refractive is sold to Qtoy. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel…

Otoy focus to integrated plugins for the commercial packages. I think integrated
Blender plugin never developed officically From Otoy.

I bought a licence, because hired with blender plugin.
The 2. 6 version has no plugin from the developers so we say thank you to Yoyoz and Matej.
Octane is a very good and fast render engine for stills but you lost all the advantages if
you want to make anims.

Other software i bought Pixelmator.

Zbrush, 3dcoat,
Some other expensice apps though they have nothing or little to do with 3d-blender.
Adobe creative suite (because I work on DTP anyway)
or some cheeper ones
Some free apps too,
gimp (a few things that I can’t do with Ps)
and, SketchUp (with some paid additions like a KRay based render engine)

What’s funny so far, is how many blender users bought zbrush. Though the UI isn’t good and blah blah. It’s a great application. Runs perfectly on any hardware. Incredible.

All these apps, some years ago, in parallel with blender 2.49b.
Now we have a new blender, almost ready for serious sculpting and having an almost fantastic render engine. Almost there…

ummm.its not software… but,
the thing i like the most is my Monoprice tablet :wink:
i have used it so much it think its getting worn out :frowning:
(may have to make some repairs to the cord)

Why has nobody bought 3ds or maya.
I did not know there was a bad relationship between blender and octane. Mari seems like a really good tool for texturing an zbrush for sculling. Mudbox is somewhere in the middle I guess.

I don’t buy anything…
raises pirate flag

Coffee and CGCookie citizen membership.

Okay but do you use it commercially?

That’s not the point of the thread, is it? Or is this an angle you are just interested in? I already used Photoshop and Illustrator, but then got into Blender because I wanted to create real 3d looking objects in render, not just photoshop or illustrator fake tricks.

After reading threads here I got into Inkscape, Gimp, MyPaint, and Audacity and Hugin

I haven’t the money but I would like to get my own copy of zbrush someday
And yes, I have used all commercially at my level

i use blender only since very recently, but, i begin to love how blender plays so well togehter with my photoshop and my zbrush. … i have wings too, but like blender now much better… i guess, wings is forgotten by now…

If you use an application just for your fun, if you spend hours on this, love it, then you have to pay for this.
You have to. Before you start feeling like a cockroach or something similar.
Similar for blender. We should give more than $300 in donations. Or. should I say, more?
Imagine how blender could be then. But it isn’t the app of our dreams… you probably know why.

I have my own copies of Lightwave3D and maya but my maya version is so old that it only runs in black and white.

It was the act of buying maya and then not being able to afford the yearly upgrades, that made me look at Blender more closely.

Ah sorry, didn’t read the original question properly, I haven’t bought anything since Blender, for Blender except for three Blender books. Online tutorials are great but I also like to learn while I’m sat on the porcelain throne.

While Mari is my favorite texturing tool, ZBrush is a close second for me. People who solely use it for sculpting are missing out on the other half of a very powerful tool.

Not to derail the thread, but here are a few points you should be aware of if you are flying the jolly rodger over your rig:

  1. If you use this stuff professionally, then you should feel bad making money and depriving someone else of their hard work.

  2. If you are using P1r4te soft at work, be carefull in case your rivals make a phone call.

  3. Hacked soft usually runs like crap and is buggy as hell.

Back on topic: P-shop, Z-Brush, both amazing soft. I used to have Illustrator but it was an ancient version and Inkscape does it’s job just fine for what I need it for.