What did YOU get for Christmas/other holiday?

Here is the list of items I got:

Square One puzzle (the one thing I really asked for!)

A gig of RAM for my computer

Rubik’s Revenge (4x4x4 cube)

18 Doctor Who books

Two Game Boy Advance games

Cigerette lighter charger for Nintendo DS

And the 2008 Guinness World Records book.

Now I need to solve the Square One and the Rubik’s Revenge (sometimes called the Master’s Cube)!

I got to shave my wifes back :slight_smile:

If I am lucky, she will let me shave a notch in her eyebrow, above her nose, so she has 2 :smiley:

I got a pair of jeans and a new shirt.

  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • A pocket knife with my name engraved in it.
  • A $25 giftcard to AMC 30
    and a candycane.

I got a new WOK for cooking and a cool spice rack for my kitchen.
A DVD player, A Cowboys fishing chair(that is now my computer chair), A Sake set. A Chinese lantern, and a gift certificate to Best Buy. YAY!!


I also got Crysis.

I was hoping for a baby girl, but my nine-month pregnant wife is showing no signs of going into labor tonight. Darn.

Congrats on the wok; you can make very tasty food out of that!

Heh Thanks! I love to cook, and eat. Thats why I fat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also got a sketchbook and Digital Arts book.

Same here = ) I bet you’re going to make a lot of stir fry with your new wok eh? Mail me some! :wink:

The Silmarillion, Illustrated by Ted Nasmith
Batman Begins
A cool egg-shaped alarm clock
Animaniacs Vol.1 DVDs :smiley:

I want to see that. I hear its a good movie, and that the CG is very well made.

lots of candy…
a sweet remote controlled insect flying thingy (kind of like a helicopter one) It is friggen sweet! http://www.flytechonline.com/dragonfly_index.html
guitar hero 3 for Wii!! --I almost crapped my pants when my brother and i opened it, rare item, the nearest walmart that had them was a state away!
super smash bros (the new one for wii) my aunt pre-ordered it for us not coming until february.
a belt.
more candy
machanical pencils + clipboard.
Pink Floyd boxers and Pink Floyd T-Shirt
more boxers…
8 pairs of socks…
the game LIFE and Mastermind
a wii zapper
a magic hand trick book
a gift card for micky dees (10$)
my brother and I also made 161$ from shoveling, plan on getting more money from taking care of my uncles dog too…:spin::spin::spin::spin: (anyone got any suggestions for what we should buy!? my bro and i want to buy another GTH3 guitar)
yeeeup. I love still being a kid, half of the presents were from santa claus!

I love my Doctor Who books… I now have 35 of them!

My girlfriend found me a fairly rare 7-string BC Rich Warlock guitar- very nice, and quite jammin to play!

Got an 8-port Ethernet Switch (for LAN parties)

And my whole family got a sweet JVC Everio HDD Camera, (of which I will be the primary user!) This thing holds 7 hours of 480*720 MPEG2 video with stereo Dolby Digital quality audio!

POTC, at World’s End
Bunch of Chocolate disks
20th anniversery Bathroom reader
3D puzzle of the Burj Al Arab and Times Square
The new Ripley’s book
A new computer chair to replace my old wobbly one
A blanket with a wolf on it
Two blankets to sleep between in bed
A massage ball my mother can put on my head and murrs

I got nothing, nothing, nothiiiiiiiiiiing! </whitneyHouston>

Yeah, seems we (my family and I) all silently decided and agreed, without making any announcements, to not spend money and just settle for a nice homemade dinner. After all, the dinner itself is a gift that keeps on giving…leftovers! Yay!

I got to work all day.
and a huge stray dog started living behind my apartment, so i got to chase it away from the front door.

That is pretty much the highlights of this holiday season. :no:

I got a wacom tablet!

Well, since the thread title does not seem to indicate a time frame, a couple of years ago I got a full size cardboard Santa display thingy. It was fun, my girlfriend and I took it to a rock quarry and set it up. We then backed off about 30 yards, and shot the heck out of it with a 12 gauge shotgun using heavy bird loads. Poor cardboard Santa really did not stand a chance.