What did you get for Christmas?

Merry Christmas everyone! I just wanted to know what everyone got from their family/friends.


w007!!! I got a Wacom Intuos3!!! And it works in Linux and Windows! WWWEEEEOOOOOOO-YIP! I also got a robe, some cash, and a sweater, and a book, and… Yeah, I’m excited about the tablet!

roughly $200 AND one month’s worth of private guitar lessons :smiley:
Not to mention that for the new year I’ll get some more presents.
Life’s good when it’s the 25th of December :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see…
A couple art bnooks( pretty cool), a book about good song writing and melody techniques, but mostly about marketing your music, and getting noticed and picked up by labels(praises). My 3 foot long stocking was filled to the brim wiht candy and dvds, more candy form my little sibs, some good shirts and lounge pants, and some long reading material(sci-fi, fantasy).

Yeah, not to bad this year…

If only I got presents at New Years…

a life…

i’ll i asked for was money… and BOY did i receive. $223 (i smell a shopping spree), a $15 gift certificate to iTunes, and a bunch of chocolate. :smiley: i’ll be drawing a smiley on my avatar.

im really happy - i got a nikon coolpix s9!
it’s tiny and shiny.

and some shirts, some u2 cds, etc.

Ahhh, U2…

It was a beautiful day…”

Nothing yet… besides a totally win few games of instagib UT2004…

Presents in 10 minutes.

laptop :smiley: woooohoooo, and some other stuff. got a pretty nice jacket to, looks good.

Heh, I just realized that I didn’t list what I got.

Nvidea GeForce 7300 (Goodbye, ATI Express 200 integrated graphics!!)
1 gigabyte of memory (1.5 gigs of memory total)
Flash Drive
World of Warcraft (Can’t play, stupid dial up :()
Lots of books (Introduction to XML and HTML, The Life of Pi, Guiness World record 2007)
Clothes (They all look pretty nice)
Cash from my relatives (About 85 dollars total)

I’m really happy with what I got this year, particularly the graphics card and memory. My computer is no longer crappy!! HURRAY!

I got a pc!! No more mac! Windows all the way. I’ll finally be able to actually downlaod things. Oh yeah and a sweetness cellular device. For my b day yesterday I got a snowboard. That finishes everything on my to get list! Life is good!

I got a Wii (well, a certificate that shows that my parents owe me a Wii), 3 books, a Nintendo DS screen protector, a Nintendo DS game cartridge holder, some clothes, and other little things.

I can’t wait to get that Wii though.

a huge hot chocolate mug (i luv ma hot chocolate), lots of sweeties, two terry pratchet books (thud! and some other one) a stephen king book, family guy season five, “clockwork”(a film with john cleese in it), a reggae cd, another dvd (cant remember what) and some other stuff.

New Mp3 player! 2 gig Creative Zen V Plus. It does pics, video, and of course, music. (better than my old 256 meg one :smiley: )Charging it now… and I got some books and stuff etc.

office chair, 360 controller, origanal xbox controlller(my’n got stollen),candy, dvd, roughfly $150, and 2 nividia 7950’s they get here tomarow, yay, so fast, im twitching

a very merry Chrismas to everyone and a drunken happy new year

Shaving foam and cheap perfume. Yes life sucks when you are 24.

2 Gig USB flash drive.:slight_smile:

Lucky bastard! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got cologne. Nice way of saying I stink:p

Oh and shoes.