What do Constraints WANT to be???

Constraints and Actionstrips do not play well together, it seems. I have long known that constraints become part of actions if inserted in certain ways, even though they do not get those dots that Loc, Rot or other Bone elements do. They just clearly get copied when I copy an action. So I guess question one is which one constraints want to be: Part of an action, or not part of an action?

But the biggie that made me post this time is that constraints apparently have NO knowledge of where they belong, because I did the following:
1: Had two identical armatures made (one independent copy of another).
2: One action made, and applied to both armatures (i.e. the action is identical, change in one changes the other)
3: Two seperate sets of constraints made for the armatures, doing the same thing, simply because doing it for one armature had no effect on the other.
4: Inserted keys in all Constraints to take them from 0.0 to 1.0 over the course of 10 frames, the exact same 10 frames for every Constraint.

I got this, and lots of it:

Notice how what the IPO says the Constraint is in that frame (0.0) is not what the Constraint says it is. Constraint influences seem to somehow mangle each other, making them go both up and down even though they are only set to go up. The rest is Blender decided that, heck no, this baby is going down, then up, then down, then up. And I cannot change it; if I insert a keyframe of 0.0 influence, Blender just decides that, heck no, it’s going to be 0.787, then go down, then up.

It makes no sense. It has to be a serious, malicious, devious bug. Please help me…

The IPO is not at frame 0, it is somewhere between 0 and 1, so the value you get may be correct. You could manually edit the location of the points. by pressing N.
But I’m probably not understanding what you are getting at.
Are you saying that if you edit the points to be at the locations you need them to be they still won’t let you fill in 0? Or it jumps back to 0.787?
If so, then I think it is a bug… Sorry man, without a blend, or even with one, I think I’m as clueless as you are.

EDIT: stupid, didn’t see the ipo suggests the value to be 0 and the constraint says something else, I thought you meant something like not being able to change the keys’ location.
All Constraints have the exact same settings right? So it couldn’t be because you have a different constraint in the IPO and button window open or something?

I think I’ve found the bug, but it’s a bit hard to explain. My Blender constantly ‘drags’ things. I go back and forth on the timeline and stop, and a few arms or other things are one frame behind, making everything look off. This seems to be an EXTREME case of it! In essence, Blender has failed to update the change in the constraint. If I wiggle it, it fails in a different way :confused:

Lagging sounds like a case of circular dependency. That happens when part A depends on part B which depends on A. There are a few threads about it, I guess.

An example of circular dependency would be two meshes pointing at each other. A has track to constraint to B and B has track to constraint to A. Solving this requires additional helpers. A tracks C and B tracks D.