What do do from here?

I’m in that place where I completed the Noob to Pro tutorials and what not, but can’t try at my simplest projects…what should I do so I can end up like this guy?
[edit]: oops, my title was suppossed to be “what TO do from here”…too late to change now…lol:)

If you like steam punk (those images were great, weren’t they?) then get some books of steam punk illustrations, and start drawing them. Don’t just draw them from the same angle, draw them from the other side, from underneath, from overhead. Draw them until your fingers wear out, then draw them some more. When you start drawing steampunk in your sleep, close the books and draw your own creations.

After you’ve drawn a couple of hundred of your own, go though them and pick out the very best one, and set it aside. Do the same for the next best, and so on, until you have the tenth or twelfth best one.

Draw it in side view, top view and front view, and start modeling it. It’ll come out rotten, you don’t really learn everything you need to know from noob to pro. Don’t despair, just keep at it. Work through some more tutorials, then model your ninth best drawing. It’ll come out rotten, too, but not quite so bad as the other. Keep at it, work your way up to modeling your best drawing.

By the time you get to modeling your best drawing (assuming you’re posting your work here and putting the crits to good use) you’ll be doing some fine work yourself.

not to toot my own horn :rolleyes:

but i just had a blog post about this recently

long story short: start small and work your way up :slight_smile:

cool, guys, thanks, but I cant draw…period! I have always wanted to do it, done so many drawings, read books, learned theory, but just couldnt get past the 3-year-old benchmark.:frowning: but i’ll try again i guess. what is steam punk, by the way?

even if you can get your ideas out on paper using stick figures it’s a good start

drawing isn’t easy, but it is learnable